10 days – 200 targeted blog posts – 24 blogs – RESULTS! – SEO BLOGGING


Now it is really kicking in

Traffic to main sales page has nearly doubled now

Traffic to the main breakup blog has increased immensely – before the campaign, traffic was VERY slow – Now it is a steady flow of visitors.

The overall traffic + pages views is as well up now around 10-20%

So, it is working!

sales are still not really coming in for that specific product which is VERY surprising!

I’ll cover that in another post…

By the way, Yes… You see it right:

10 days – 200 targeted blog posts – 24 blogs

This means that close to 5000 blogs posts have been made to generate this traffic surge.

So, a few posts or even a few hundreds won’t do! You need something more solid and consistent than that.