Universe! Listen!

I call the forces of the invisible to incarnate in human consciousness to inspire and direct our evolution!

The time has come for humankind to go one step further in its deepest potential!
We will be activated as a human race to manifest the galactic plan on this planet!
The time has come to be in service to a plan which is way vaster than ourselves!
May all human beings listen, feel, see the path of their unified evolution!
The bliss energies will invest those who are aligned!
This bliss and life force will desinvest from those who are in disharmony with the greater good!
A vast concentration of energy will happen around the projects that serve the planet and humankind!
As we take wise action, our recognition will increase!
With greater alignment will come more power, vision and resources!
Every human is being watched by the forces of the invisible and those who miss the point will see a vast decrease in their energies, inspiration and resources!
The planet will no longer tolerate abuse of its beauty!
It will react!
It will step in to direct our evolutionary flow!
The time has come to speed up everything!
Those who are aligned will see their efforts and dedication synchronized and sponsored by higher powers!
The magic of life and creative power will be revealed to us even further as we learn to tame our instinctual nature and master all aspects of our being!
May this year be your best ever!  
Celebrate and honor this planet and all its living forms every day!
May you dance in joy as you look into the open skies!
May these waves of cosmic power penetrate your being and bring you total freedom!
May you see your future with total clarity!
May you wake up every day with gratitude and unlimited energy!
May you nurture your being with deep love and respect!
May the bliss of inspiration touch you deep and guide your steps!
May we be one unified human race stepping with ecstatic trust into our future!