A crisis is a wake up call – ARTICLE

A crisis is a wake up call!

It is an attack on your comfort zone.

Your security is challenged by new events in your life.

It is a challenge life brings to you.

When you are under attack, you have always two alternatives:

  • The first one is to reject the challenge, deny it or pretend it’s not happening. Your being might want to run away from it but reality tells you otherwise. You might stay in this state of shock and forget to respond.
  • The second one is to fight.

A challenge requires an essential mind shift. You need to shift from passive or comfortable to battle mood.

You want to shift gears

This is what makes the difference.

Awakening what?

Awakening extra energy and resources in you.

Your fighting power is a mind set.

You can sometimes forget about it.

This is an occasion to wake it up and use it.