A simple trick to get her sexually attracted to you – TIP

This is another topic opener:

“Imagine that you are with this man you are extremely attracted to…”

You tell a story, right?

The feelings that you invoke in her are instantly associated with your presence simply because you are right there with her.

What she experiences in your presence are sensations she subconsciouly associates with you.

When she remembers this date, it is a set of feelings she recalls.

She will want to experience these again if she liked them of course.

This path to trigger pleasure in her is VERY natural.

You simply need to be crystal clear about the type of sensations you want to invoke in her.

Take a white page!

Write down 10 qualities you want her to experience.

Then build a simple “script” around these words and images that invoke those sensations.

Next time you see her, improvise along those lines and you will naturally see these qualities rising in her.