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I am Francisco Bujan (Shiva Rajaya), creator of vitalcoaching.com which has been a leading source of inspiration for life mastery since 2002.

Through my coaching, teachings, videos, podcasts, articles and website I positively impact the lives of around a million people each year.

Who I am

I love yoga, raw food, spiritual and personal development practices - Have been leading a nomadic life style for 20 years.

Now, fully engaged in empowering people - I coach full time, write, record videos and audios! I broadcast on Itunes and Youtube, sell my books on Amazon, Kindle, Ipads and feel boosted and energized by the unlimited bliss that hits me daily!

If you are in trouble, looking for meaning or simply want to optimize your existence, I want to help you! I am a pro life coach, 10 years of solid experience helping others boost their lives!

I send you Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!

You deserve satisfaction and success with everything you do in life! The ultimate goal? Life mastery! Getting to a place where you own your life and no longer feel like a victim swallowed by events you don't control.

It took me 20 years of exploration of the mind, the planet and humankind to get to where I am now! I wake up incredibly happy, energetic and blissed out every day! Why? Because I trained my body and mind to be optimized. I take dozens of simple steps daily that boost my energy and clear my mind in a way or another.

It might be through my raw food choices, a simple breathing technique, a jog on the beach, a cold shower, a fresh lemon juice, an exciting conversation with a client or an ecstatic dance celebration!

I want to meet you! I am interested by your life, your challenges, your dreams, your vision! I want you to succeed! I want you to win!

I am obsessed with life force and life optimization! I see my existence as a vast experiment and playground! My goal is life mastery, energetic mastery of all aspects of existence.

I have a profound passion for sharing everything I discovered!

My 2 feet are strongly grounded on this planet that I love! I spent the last 20 years of my vibrant life leading a nomadic life style exploring my body, spirit and mind.

I spend my days coaching, broadcasting online, leading events, designing new tactics to boost your power and energy!

I am high and energized all the time!

I am substance and alcohol free, eat raw food, take cold showers, wake up early and stay super fit!

Why I coach

I coach because I care!

I see unlimited potential in every human being.

I believe that every single person on this planet has the ability to create happiness and a totally fulfilling existence.

How you get there usually comes to you once your vision is clear and focused.

What can be achieved has no end!

Any obstacle is an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. It is through life's challenges that your spirit comes alive and your new powers are revealed.

The power and profound potential that vibrates in you is ready to be unleashed right now.

After years of training my mind, spirit and body, I reached a place where the natural next step was to put this experience in service to others.

Training and experience

  • 1982-1992 - Sports + Yoga + Martial arts + Personal and spiritual training + 8 years of academic career as a geologist including masters degree and 3 years of PHD research.

  • 1992 - Called by the urge to explore full on my mind and spirit, I shifted direction and embraced a new nomadic life style and full time spiritual training.

  • 1990 - 20O2 - 12 years of solid full time spiritual training including attending, organising and leading classes, workshops and retreats - Worked with specific spiritual masters who initiated me in various spiritual techniques and traditions - Topics covered include Kabbalah, Meditation, Sacred languages, Mantras, Esoteric teachings, Seva, Long periods of intense Sadhanas (spiritual practices), Exploration of sound and energy as tools for spiritual evolution and so much more!

  • 2000 - 2012 - Another core shift happens - I decide to offer my life in service to the planet and humankind - 12 years of coaching experience - Ongoing formal training as a coach, attending conferences and pefecting my skills with various mentors and teachers - Coached hundreds of clients - Thousands of coaching sessions via skype, phone or in person - Wrote more than 50 books, recorded around 800 videos, 800 audios, wrote 4000 articles and tips and led live events on most aspects of personal and spiritual development.

What's my job?

I am here to bring you light, fire, power, energy and freedom!

My job is to be a perfect channel of energy, clear, strong, connected, synchronized with what you, the planet and humankind exactly needs!!!

My job is to explore all aspects of consciosuness and free energies that might be locked!!!

My job is to free space, clear the way and offer you tools to fulfill your destiny!

I am here to help you master your life!

Things I REALLY love

Freedom! - Helping others manifest their full potential - Raw food - Vibrant nature environments like a wild beach or high mountains - Energy breathing - I don't have kids but feel responsible for the well being of every child on this Earth - The conscious worldwide community - Our planet - A cold shower and a fresh squeezed lemon every morning - The beauty I see in the eyes of every single human being - Lounge music - Jumping in the waves of ocean - My life style.

Places I visited

Mt Kailash in central Tibet - The surf of New Zealand - The vibrant power of Budapest - The mystical forests of Trodos on Cyprus - The wild life of Costa Rica - The white sands of the Taklamakan desert on the silk road - The wildest party on earth at Burning Man - The vibrant deserts of the Sinai - The giant aquariums of the Red Sea - The cosmic gateway of Wadi Rum - The inner secrets of Bali - The remote valleys of the snowy Himalayas - And more!

Key life experiences

Defining moments in my life are marked by key spiritual breakthroughs. They are usually linked with intense practice periods in which I stay in nature for weeks or months.

That's when bliss floods me and the magic of life is revealed to me.

What my friends say about me

You're a free spirit!

Personal facts

For those who need to know... I was born in Switzerland in a small town next to Geneva on Oct 31st 1965.

I have a masters degree in geology + a few years of academic research and professional experience in that field.

From 1992, I took off around the world to explore the mysteries of my mind, body and spirit full time. These were 10 years of intense practice marked by profound awakenings.

By 2002, I launched this site and completed my life coach training.

I have been a professional life coach since then.

And... here I am now ;)

Some stats

Through my site, my video channels like YouTube and my Podcasts I see around 5000 people accessing my material every day.

My audios get downloaded around 60'000 times each month.

A small fraction of those who access this material buy a targeted program on the site or sign up for coaching.

Why I can help you

  • Because of the coaching experience I have with hundreds of clients like you.

  • I maintain a high energy life style and bring these positive vibes to any session.

  • I listen to YOU first, and give you fast EXACTLY what you need.

  • I create a safe coaching space based on RESPECT and a SOLID code of ethics.

  • I practice and test everything I tell you. My experience is PRACTICAL and I KNOW that what I share works.

  • I am a top expert in the field of personal and spiritual power.

I look forward to connect with you soon...