Accept her wins!

Here is an example!

You are in the jungle with this girl you are attracted to!

You encounter a waterfall from above.

She goes for it and jumps in the small lake at the base of it!

You walk down instead because you are scared to jump!

Way too risky!

Your friends follow you!

When you get down you have 2 possible options:

First reaction:

“Whaou! That was stupid! Are you crazy? You could have killed yourself!”

Second reaction:

“Whaou! That was so sexy! I’m impressed!”

Which one of these 2 reactions express best a male response?

Which one will bring you closer to each other?

What do you think?

Here is how a woman will perceive it:

If you go for

“Are you crazy?!!!”

You answer as if you were threatened and destabilized by her power!

You try to educate her!

You tell her what to do!

You don’t trust her judgement!

A woman wants you by her side when she takes risks, not against her!

Imagine that these risks are adventurous sexual experiences!

What do you think? That she wants to feel your fears holding her back??

That’s not very alpha is it?

If you hold her back, that creates instant distance between you two and results in an energetic obstacle to connecting further!

If you admit her victory at this high risk game and see you have something to learn from her, this creates complicity!

You show a vulnerable edge + the willingness to improve and conquer!

That’s sexy and attractive!

One step further and you position yourself as a guy who can accept defeat at any competitive situation without losing his power!

The guy who gets irritated or destabilized by defeat is weaker!

You get it?!!