Ad many more pics of you + friends + girls + you having fun – TIP

Ad many more pics of you + friends + girls + you having fun

Not just one or two – yes! when you visit a profile of someone who is obviously very active socially, it does work when you visit their page – it’s a boost of energy to see all these people having fun

You need to stay the center of attention – The profile is still about you – but you simply let girls know that you have an active social life with loads of friends.

If you have opportunities, make some fresh shots of your recent night life outings with friends – You – friends – girls with you as the central figure in the pics.

  • Ask some girls to pause with you and let them pause as if they were wildly fancying you (they do anyway, right? – They secretely dream about you in their wildest dreams) Shots in a night city – high buildings – night lights – that kind of stuff
  • As your main profile pic, use one where you are by yourself – Where you look like hot, friendly, mysterious or ougoing – That’s the type of hot pic that girls like
  • Background and theme colors – use something which is fresh and energizing – Yes dark colours like dark blue for instance can invoke mystery and remind you of the night life.