After watching the dating DVD's

something strikes me first! It is the tension around the topic and in the audience and the presenters!

the level of anxiety is very high!

While the content has some usable information and hints, it doesn’t look like fun at all!

the women  coaches actually internalize everything and the message they send out is not a vlaidating message at all.

It’s a judging message and the outcome is asif there was just one position or way of being.

It is striking to realize that after a few days of watching this material, I don’t feel inspired or empowered at all.

I feel it comes from one specific place: the sponsoring force behind that trend.

It is interesting but that’s not it!

In fact, I feel I pick on all the pain and suffering form all the guys + the anxiety from both genders!

The anxiety from the man of not being able to satisfy the craving needs from the women they meet!

And the anxiety from the women of not being able to be satisfied.

Some pointers? yes: presence, authenticity, etc.

But the energy behind all that is an energy that brings me down rather than uplifting me.

The point is that it’s 1% information and 99% practice! Really!

The workshops are actually a tiny fraction of the learning process and mentalizing and trying to explain how to works, etc is VERY confusing.

I am not saying that there is no value in it.

I am saying that the background energy creates discomfort, tension and anxiety.

It does not create relaxation, peace, fun, free flow of energy!

The reason it is that way is because I have other sources of power and energy that work better for me!

They fulfill me! they inspire me better!

That’s why my emotions and being doesn’t respond to that format somehow!

I need life! I need to experiment! I need fun, pleasure in the process!

+ I need a vision and sponsoring force that I have!

Thanks and respect of course!

The rerason why I am being so direct with this experience is because I need to define a path that works better for myself.

The experience I have is through the filter of my mind of course and I know that the tantric sex energy I use works better at creating the complicity and connection I want to feel!

My mind and emotions take shape while I watch this material and suddenly realize what I really need to experience and transmit which is another tradition and stream.

See how it works?

That’s powerful!

Of course, I have respect for that work because ultimately we have very similar intentions BUT I embody another energy.

I am filled with the tantric fire that creates shapes and connections, ways of relating!

I am thrilled and excited by that!

I am alive, thrilled satisfied, alive!

I am empowered, delighted, touched by the powerful vibrations of life!

This is what it is! This is where I am at!

I am living in Joy and Pleasure!

I am living in the beauty of a fire that totally takes me!

I love it!