Aim for good, not perfect! – ARTICLE

Aiming for perfection is draining.

It is time consuming.

It is energy consuming!

When you aim for perfect, you believe that life will somehow reward you with a special medal.

Forget it! In most cases, it does not happen!

Perfectionists are a pain for those who work with them.

They aim too high in the belief that they will be rewarded for it.

It is not worth the hassle.

You can achieve almost the same result with only 40% of the effort, energy or focus.

Wake up!

Your battle to reach this level of supreme perfection is no longer needed.

You can drop it right now and use the extra energy to relax and take time to flow through life without worry.

You can do this right now!

Perfectionism is an addiction.

Everyone suffers from it!

Your friends, family, colleagues and yourself!

The reward is so insignificant that it is never, absolutely never, worth it!

What matters now is flow!

You can achieve 300% percent more if you shift your target and aim for good rather than perfect.

This goes for everything.

The moment you drop your level of expectations and focus on a frictionless, easy flow of activity, you remove 80% of the pressure associated with perfectionism.

Design a new way of acting which looks at the result from another angle. The way you get there matters much more.

You want to enjoy this and to enjoy it, all you need is to aim for good, not perfect.