This morning I just realized how myths can be created.

I started imagining that we are surrounded by invisible angelic beings all the time.

That’s not new.

It is a mind set I have been in for years.

The new aspect is that I was inspired to imagine that these angels developed technologies to be able to live in parallel realities to ours.

This means living in a different frequency.

While they are present in our field, we don’t see them because our eyes are not trained to perceive that frequency.

Imagine a race of beings who are millions of years ahead to us in their evolution.

A million years in universal time is very short.

You have billions of possible life sustaining planets just in our galaxy.

The possibility of having thousands of human like races or angelic like races populating the galaxy is totally possible.

Imagine how easy it might be for us a million years from now to create holographic representations of ourselves, or project ourselves in frequencies that are invisible to other beings.

It’s all in the realms of the possible, science fiction or spiritual fiction.

That’s the vision I have today.

I saw a documentary the other day about those who live in Antarctica in research stations. They are not allowed to interfere with animal life, like for instance rescuing wounded or lost seals.

They don’t want human influence to modify animal behaviors.

It makes sense.

Angelic forces interacting with humans could follow a similar set of guidelines.

Now imagine that from a distant area of our galaxy, the evolution of planet Earth is being remotely guided by beings that are millions of years ahead in their evolution.

These beings can transfer consciousness and energies at will to any location.

Physical distance is irrelevant.

They master instant teleportation and remote activation of our minds through synchronized energetic activation.

They watch over us with a certain degree of inspiration but giving us enough space and freedom to find our way naturally.

For them we are like infants being guided in subtle ways.

Imagine that being visible or not to us is a mind program that was designed within a vaster set of angels / human interactions guidelines.

Imagine that all that happens within a vaster system in the galaxy called galactic federation, galactic hierarchy or galactic grid.

Imagine that on planet Earth we have the human hierarchy or white brotherhood which is the subtle spiritual governing body directing the evolution of our human race.

These are the Theosophical visions of Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

Now imagine that there is a governing galactic system that is a million times more complex and refined that touches all living forms in our galaxy.

As a human race we are part of this galactic grid and given the information and insights we can handle.

Imagine that as a human race we are being tested, often given a little extra power or consciousness and observed to see how we handle that power.

Imagine that right now as a human race we are getting impulses to familiarize ourselves with the idea of extraterrestrial life in the form for instance of super evolved angelic intelligences.

Imagine that a movie like “Contact” is a very conscious inspired transmission for us to get familiar with these ideas.

Imagine that this morning I was hit by a subtle directed galactic impulse, a little electro magnetic message that I am downloading right now and sharing with you.

My state of mind right now is bright and alert.

I am awake and grounded.

And I feel clearly inspired.

This is not exceptional.

Most of my creative friends feel frequently the same, this subtle alignment of consciousness that leads to creative flow.

Some will create art, a new jewelery design or decide to take a trip to Peru because of it.


I just realized as well that last night was this magical glowing fullmoon in the bright incredible horizon.

We were singing beautiful mantras under the clear skies with a tribe of awakened spiritual explorers.

I just realized as well that the magical alignment of Venus and Jupiter in the last 3 days might have triggered the opening of a very specific consciousness channel for the human race.

This is called the “Star of Bethlehem” and happened last time 2000 years ago when Jesus was born.

This is all intuitive research.

As you can imagine, most of what I say can’t be scientifically proven.

They are all visions, perceptions and insights that might give us one more consciousness hint about our own evolution.

This is a continuation of a life long spiritual exploration.

The fact that new doors are opening right now with these astrological alignments makes total sense.

I know that many of you have similar visions and experiences.

Right now, a gentle awakening wave is hitting planet Earth and Humankind.

Maybe it is localized here in Bali or maybe it is worldwide.

It feels worldwide to me.

I really want to open my arms to the skies and welcome the forces of the invisible to come and play with us.

We are open to receive and be guided.

Inspire us!

Guide us!

We are ready for more!