Angels – ARTICLE

I believe that angels are with us all the time.

I believe that they are not simply beings who appear occasionally on the planet for some great event.

I believe that they are involved with humankind in every aspect of life.

Every aspect!

Not just spiritual areas.

Out human hierarchy represents only a small fraction of what goes on within this planet.

Angels are another hierarchy of creators active in the invisible realms.

Now, when I say angels, I don’t actually see a human like being with wings.

I see intelligences and spirit forces at play in everything that exists on this planet.

The idea of active intelligences goes far beyond human like beings.

I believe that a city, a family, a field of research, a university, a school, a sport’s team all have an intelligence at play inspiring, and stimulating their evolution.

In my opinion, these intelligences are networks of energies. They are far too complex to be comprehended with our rational mind.

Why? Because we in fact know very little about how they function.

I think that some movies did touch on what these intelligences could look like.

For instance the movie “IRobot” uses the idea of a super intelligence being as a network supervising the androids.

Now, take the same type of concept and imagine that the spirit of the city for instance is simply the sum of all activity, visible and invisible going on in that city.

Imagine all the emotions, thoughts and feelings of every single human being.

Imagine all their actions and inspiration.

For me THAT’S the type of angelic forces or powers we are interacting with all the time.

We are part of invisible spiritual systems and our actions take place within larger invisible entities.

Everything we do is part of it.

Now, imagine that these spiritual intelligences overlap.

For instance the spirit of a family interacts with the spirit of a school, the spirit of a city, a country and millions of businesses.

You see that we enter instantly into incredibly high levels of complexity.

Please! When I say, spirit, I don’t mean ghost or invisible spook!

It is millions of times vaster and more powerful!

Our human brains have absolutely no rational model to describe this type of activity.

We need to enter into a whole new dimension to actually perceive all that.

I believe that when we start touching on causal or buddhic consciousness, we start seeing the play of energies behind the scenes of our lives.