Limiting forces

1. Life skills gap

You might miss a life skill, like social skills, initiative, motivation, etc.


Train this new life skill. To succeed with developing a new life skill, you need to free space and energy and simply focus on it. More on developing new life skills


2. Limiting mind pattern - Self limiting belief

A self limiting belief sounds like: "I can't do it...", "It's not going to work anyway...", "I failed every time I tried...", etc. You get the picture? As you can imagine, a self limiting belief is an anchor which slows you down and builds endless doubts and fears in your mind.


Replace limiting thoughts by empowering ones. More on empowering beliefs


3. Spouse, boss, environmental limitations, organization, state

These limiting forces are external factors. It can be a partner which does not believe in you. It can be an organization which does not value your skills, etc.


Dealing with such limiting forces is more delicate than the two previous ones. Why? because they are related with factors you often don't control. You still have 3 main options:

This simply means talking with your boss and telling them about your ideas. It can be establishing better dialogue with your partner. It can mean as well influencing a law in your city, etc.

Accept the limiting force as a natural boundary. Be wise, develop diplomacy. Don't challenge and give your conquering power a break. Go with the flow.

Find a new job. Move to another country. Find a new house.


4. Self destructive habit - addiction - eating disorder - drugs - drinking - anger

These are mind habits and behaviors which sabotage your life. Easy to recognize.


We enter here slightly more in the field of therapies. There are hundreds of support groups and therapies dealing with addictions. A support group, institution and other forms of professional help are at this stage the most suitable solution. Personal development, spiritual development and other forms of self help and self empowering ideas and practices can make a great difference as well.


5. Sickness - physical handicap - mental handicap

A physical limitation can of course be a limiting force.


This is an area which at this stage is in full exploration. Out of my range to discuss it here.


6. Holding to limiting beliefs - Fear of loosing authenticity

This is a major one. Two essential forces are at play here: preserving forces and renewal forces. The first one says: "I don't want to change, I like the way things are...". Renewal forces say: "I need to shift perspectives, change something in my mind and in the way I function...".

These two forces are at play. Always.


You are in charge always. The way to break through this cycle and step beyond your comfort zone is to connect more strongly with your renewal power. This renewal or transformation power is what gives you the energy to go beyond the limits of what you already know. read more


7. Clutter - confusion - lack of clarity

Clutter is a limiting force because it drains your energy.  Imagine an airplane. The key for an airplane to fly is to be aerodynamic and light. When you clear clutter, you become action-dynamic. You free resistances and make yourself lighter.


Before you set yourself on a new course of action, free energy, clear the past and make sure that your environment is action-dynamic and frictionless. More on effectiveness. More on emotional freedom.


8. Conflicting interests

Conflicting interests happen when choices are not clear. Suppose you have an evening free. You can go for family time or for fitness. If you go for fitness but are not sure about your choice, you'll only invest half of your energy in it. Your mind is partly somewhere else while you train.

You can be emotionally or psychically invested into something even tough you are not actively participating in it.


Be clear and consistent with your choices. Choose with awareness and trust your choices. Give yourself the power of focus.

If you feel conflicting interests, check it out before you start moving. Understand all your options. Once you go for something, trust yourself, trust your instincts.

These are only some forces which can be sometimes present in your life and will be the limiting factors for you. Some of these forces can easily be overcome or overpowered. Some other forces can be more challenging like contextual factors (the country you were born in, the organization you work with etc.)

This model is a dynamic one and you could ad your own ideas to it with new limiting forces you feel in your life. The solutions are evolving all the time. You have this gift of emotional intelligence, the ability to look beyond the surface and design solutions uniquely targeted to your situation.

Limiting forces are a natural part of life's challenge. The first step is to realize they exist. The second step is to identify them precisely. The third step is to understand how they work. The fourth step is to have a strategy and take action.

Check as well solving power for more strategies on finding solutions.

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