Build up your confidence and emotional fuel

Discover these 5 essential ways to build up your confidence and emotional fuel


1. Take action

The best is to take action. Use one of the 5 key powers to take action. What is the step you want to take? Create something new, clear space, free energy in your life. Action is what gives you confidence and power.


2. Focus first on small steps

You'll soon realize that most big steps can be divided into a series of smaller steps. This is good to know, specially when you feel that the step is too big. You can actually take a series of small affordable steps and handle them one at a time.


3. Gain control over your life

You might have left your life split out of your hands. Sometimes because you want to do well, you actually give away part of your power. This means that other people start controlling large chunks of your life. It can be your week ends which are fully booked without you deciding anything about it. It can even be your whole life stream which has nothing to do with what you want.

Your time is yours. It was given to you at birth. Your actions, thoughts, behaviors personal space, belongings are all yours. They don't belong to anyone else. If you feel powerless, one possible way to go is to gain back control over what is yours and set up new boundaries.


4. Gather tools, resources and key information

If you are not ready to go on stage. Focus on rehearsal. If you are not ready to launch your product, find out what is missing. Before you engage in a conquering move, make sure that your base is strong and secure. This builds momentum, energy, extra power and confidence. Get all the information you need before you make your presentation.


5. Have a strategy for every situation

In other words, be ready! When you are ready for anything, this gives you immense confidence. Prevention is another way of building power. You can respond to problems when they arise or you can even tackle them before they appear.

A strategy is a plan. It is your way to answer the question: "What if ..."