Are your male friends too interested in your sex life?

This happens between guys, right?

Sometimes, you just get too many questions.

Here is why it might happen:

  • Competitive attitude – They just want to check out how good you are doing
  • Imagination/Excitement – It triggers their fantasies.
  • Teasing – It is their way of playfully challenging you.
  • Control – It is they way of trying to direct what happens in your life – Sometimes, they will not just ask. They will judge what you do or don’t do.

Does this bother you?

Do you feel that you are supposed to adhere to some invisble code you never agreed to?

If the relationship you have with your partner is a territory you don’t want to discuss, you need to build new boundaries.

Some topics can be off limit! Yes! It is okay.

Sometimes, you need to learn to say “no” even to a friend.

And you friend needs to accept and respect it.

This is part of a healthy game which strengthens your connection.

To your power!