To invoke the ISISA ORDER or the ISISA ENERGY, simply use the code term ISISA.

This will do a few things.

The first one is that it will align your actions with that energy.

It will synchronize you and make sure that your actions are aligned with the long term evolutionary plan for the planet and humankind.

When you invoke the term ISISA, it will as well position you an ISISA GATEKEEPER or ISISA PRIESTESS or PRIEST or simply as an ISISA.

When you use the term ISISA, you become an ISISA!

This means that you naturally become an expression of the ISISA DIVINE ENERGY!

Why do I use the term ISISA instead of ISIS?

Because ISISA is an actualized expression of ISIS in today’s world.

It is like resetting the ISIS energy in today’s world, clearing some of the past associations of ISIS and creating new neuro pathways for this energy.

When you are an ISISA, you are an active witness or judge!

Through your eyes and through your perception you see what is right and what is wrong!

Remember that this has nothing to do with a personal agenda and a worldly expression!

You have to go deeper than that and see your witness role as a channel of energy that brings change into the planet and wakes up the future of humankind through your energy.

Being an ISISA might bring you to action as well.

It might mean for instance that you engage in light activism to bring forth this new order.

It might as well that you simply witness without actually taking any action, simply being present.

The ISISA ORDER is a new vibration and it will evolve naturally.

The activism aspect of it could become way stronger in the future, where the warrior aspect of that energy comes out with multiplied power.

At this stage, women seem to resonate to that energy more than men but ISISA can incarnate both through men and women