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No contact rule after a break up - See your ex or not? - ARTICLE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


No contact rule after a break up - See your ex or not? - ARTICLE

Hi! This is a question I get a lot when coaching my clients on this topic: Should I cut all contact with my ex? Well, no contact is a good idea if:

In 90% of the cases seeing your ex when you are in the break up zone will have that kind of effect!

So, the simplest thing is not to initiate contact, especially if when you initiate contact, you secretly wish for an opportunity to get back together.

This is not the way to go!

If you do initiate contact, keep it to the minimal!

Usuallly, more than one short meeting or call a week will polarize your attention far too much on your ex and stop you from exploring new potential relationships.

Here are more questions I cover depth in the break up programs:

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No contact rule after a break up - See your ex or not? - ARTICLE

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