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Monday, March 23, 2009

10 tips to cyber dating

10 tips to cyber dating

See Cyber dating as a training ground
Consider dating sites as a training ground. Learn how to behave in that environment. Discover the do’s and don'ts.

•Learn to protect yourself
Discover your own natural boundaries and dare to set them up clearly. If you don’t like someone, simply block their messages.

Rejection trap
Giving up on that scene with the first sign of rejection or overreacting on a negative message.

Expecting too much
Take the cyber scene with lightness and fun. Enjoy and don’t take it too seriously

Exclusivity trap
Don’t give all your attention to just one person. Keep a “networking” attitude. Keep your options open.

•Focus on the positives
Listen to the positives. If you get a message you don’t like, delete it straight away, let go and move on.

Be realistic!
It’s nice to dream, but stay awake and aware.

Too many requirements?
Limiting your choice and being too selective can be a trap. Time to broaden your view?

•Learn from your experiences!
The key is to try, to experience and to adapt quickly. If you sent 50 messages and did not get a response, shift your strategy!

•Have fun!
Relax, enjoy, and have fun!



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10 tips to cyber dating

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