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Monday, March 23, 2009

Been counseling him as a friend

Been counseling him as a friend

Hey! I'm starting to get really annoyed with this guy I met this year. We barely knew each other, and started talking online and that turned into a lot of talking for a long period of time.. And we'd talk about a lot of personal stuff together, and both talked about our own relationship problems.

I thought we were building a good friendship. But now what it looks like was that he just was using me while he was having relationship problems with his gf back home. Because we are now home for the summer and he seems to really not care about talking whatsoever- and him and his girl are together and happy for once.

I'm just kinda ticked about that because I feel used and real stupid for listening to him for so long, trying to help him.. I'm so sick of getting dropped so much..!!


True, when you become his "counselor friend" that's the way he'll look at you. If you want to be a partner or lover, than behave like a flirt and show your intentions of relating that way.

If he talks a lot about his girl friend consider it as an early sign that he is more interested in her than in you, and he's not ready to let go.

Next time you see this happening, listen to warning signs. If it's romance you want, focus on guys who can really give it to you.

Good luck and stay in touch



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Been counseling him as a friend

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