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Monday, March 23, 2009

Did I do the right thing by ending our friendship

Did I do the right thing by ending our friendship

Well I have this friend who has a girlfriend, but I want to know if I did the right thing by ending our friendship, or should I say our fling we both had. I called him the other day and he had his girl there and I ask him what he was doing he said "nothing". I said "you've got company?".

He was like "yeah". I stayed on the phone. He did too it started a conflict with them, so he hung up in my face, that pissed me off, I called him later told him don't call me anymore. But later I called him back and said I don't want to end our friendship on a bad note, I told him we are just going to chill from talking as friends, did I do the right thing, we both started liking each other, but he disrespected me by hanging up on me.



Hanging up on you was just his way of giving you a boundary. He was having a good time. You call him. Want to fight. He has something else in his mind. He did the right thing by hanging up.

Are you just friends? Or are you actually dating? The territory of friendship does not give you the right to own anyone or be possessive. Friendship says: "I'm happy for you when you are having a good time. I respect your space and encourage your freedom"

If he means something for you, get closer to him again. What happened is no reason to put an end to a valuable friendship. Go back and build something on mutual respect.



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Did I do the right thing by ending our friendship

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