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Monday, March 23, 2009

He flirts with me all the time - TIP

He flirts with me all the time

I really really like this guy but I don't want to ask him out. I want him to ask me. He hits and flirts with me all the time when we see each other and he is always telling people we are going to get married so what can I do to get him to ask me out????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!



He is going one step too far and his "teasing" is becoming annoying for you. Try going to him and telling him something like: "are you going to ask me out or what?" "If you don't take a step soon, I'll start loosing interest and think you are just plain scared..." You can do that with fun and a big smile on your face. He has to know that you won't reject him if he takes the step...

Another option is to simply go beyond the "ask me out" thing and give him a quick kiss when he is not expecting it. "Invite him" for more.




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He flirts with me all the time - TIP

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