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Monday, March 23, 2009

He has a girl friend

He has a girl friend

Ok I like this guy, he's my friend I want to know how can I get his attention, we talk all the time but he has a girlfriend, I don't want to break them up. I just want to find some ways to make him more attracted to me. I know he likes me but I do play hard with him because I know he does have someone. He called me and I told him I had company he was shock I guess he though I was going to sit and wait on him to call but when I told him I had company his voice sounded a little shaky, he didn't call me the next day either. What do you think he's thinking? What should I do?



Good to hear from you

The best is to make a move. In his mind you have to shift from being just a friend to being more intimate than that. If you want him to get closer, play the game of flirting rather than the game of friendship.

Go beyond your normal limits, be more sexy when you are with him.

The move of seeing other guys is excellent! Congratulations with that! I encourage you to do it more. It makes him realize that other guys like you, that you are free, that he cares for you. It forces him to open up his feelings as well.

At this stage though you seem to be undecided about what you want with him. He might be getting a mixed message from you. He has a girlfriend, so you can choose for just staying out of it by respect. Or you can decide to take your chance with him anyway.

I feel that once your intentions are clear, it will be easier for him to get the message.



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He has a girl friend

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