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Monday, March 23, 2009

How do I get the athletic director to fall for me?

How do I get the athletic director to fall for me?

How do I get the athletic director (male) that I teach and coach in the same building at to fall for me (female)?



Thank you for your question.

Any type of connection within a professional setting suffers from a couple of extra taboos. There are unspoken boundaries about sexual harassment, professional boundaries, etc. "What if something happens and it messes up our professional relationship?".

These thoughts are around in people's minds. If you like that guy, the best is to connect outside of a professional context. Find out where the guy hangs around, etc. Meet him there.

Send him a clear message that you won't reject him if he comes very close and asks you out. Guys don't like rejection... That's why they sometimes keep distance. Make sure he gets your message of openness.

If you don't want your professional relationship to be influenced by whatever you two will be sharing intimately, have a chat with him about it before anything happens. Be clear about where you stand.



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How do I get the athletic director to fall for me?

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