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Monday, March 23, 2009

I made a fool of myself

I made a fool of myself

At a dance social, I kept noticing a man who was really very good, dancing with a few different woman. I got up the nerve to ask him for a dance. But then I asked him if he wanted to partner up and made a fool of myself (I didn't know he was a pro and I'm certainly not on his level at all) Now I feel like an idiot whenever I see him but ALSO, I have a crush on him. I can't let him know how I feel and risk getting in over my head AGAIN! Help! I don't know how to do this. Your advice?



How are you today?

Forgive yourself and move on! Not only you did the right thing by asking him but on top of that, if the occasion would arise again, you should ask him again...

He is no god, just a human being like you and me, so bring him down from where you put him. Every time you take action, you build up your confidence. Take what we call rejections and mistakes as part of the game.

Even though in your situation, there was absolutely no mistake! I see only success in what happened: You had the guts to go out there and do what you felt was right! I encourage you to do that again and more often. If you do, you'll feel great, super confident and with increased inner power. Believe me, you did the right thing in the first place!

Don't let anyone slow you down or stop you from taking this kind of risks in life. This is what life is for!



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I made a fool of myself

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