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Monday, March 23, 2009

I miss the dating skills

I miss the dating skill

I don’t know where to find a man and lack other dating skills. Once I find a man, I feel very vulnerable to his judgment. I am simply afraid to mess it up. I invest myself at 300% before there is a clear sign of commitment on his side! I become very exclusive, dependent or jealous in the original stages of the relationship.


The key here is to develop your dating skills.

Where do you learn about them? Life and training! Net! Magazines! Friends!

How do you develop them? Trying, experimenting, learning from others

Can you even integrate them in your life? YES!!! YES!!! and YESSS!!!

When it comes to dating, people often think that it should just happen. That our instincts, love, passion will simply create the perfect moment and make it work. This is partly true! Our instincts and intuitions are great and they do 90% of the work. Now this remaining 10% can be gained. Read magazines, talk to people and specially try! The moment you stop trying, you freeze! Life stops! Learning stops!

Nobody wants to kill the spontaneity of love and romance! Dating is like a dance! Learn a couple of steps and improvise the rest. If your feet just stop when you have to dance the dating salsa, get a couple of steps and observe the others! This will expand your pleasure and fun greatly.


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I miss the dating skills

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