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Monday, March 23, 2009

I still love him very much but I don't want to get hurt

I still love him very much but I don't want to get hurt

I've got an ex-boyfriend that I'm trying to get back with, well it somehow turned into the whole we are "friends with benefits", I still love him very much but I don't want to get hurt. Do you think this will turn into something more, or should I back out now before I get hurt even more??



It's very common for exes to keep sporadic intimacy, flirt or have sex together once they break up. It's okay and fine and a way of feeding an old flame.

I recognize your warning signs as real warnings. True: you can get hurt if you expect to get back with him.

It's normal to share these moments. Investing into a common future together would be something else.

I would say let it go and focus on new opportunities. You can keep him as part of your life but I would not expect too much from it. Focus on new fresh connection instead.

If you don't want to get hurt and make space for the future, you have to gain back your full emotional freedom!

The key is to be non-exclusive with your feelings. Focus on quality time when you are with your ex rather than the idea of a committed relationship.

When other occasions show up, give priority to other guys, to your new fresh contacts.



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I still love him very much but I don't want to get hurt

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