Break up – for men – new sales pages strategies – TESTING – new developments – 5 days after start

After 5 days:

  • %Exit – %bounce – time on the page – No major difference with the original sales page – it would of course take longer to see a real trend if any
  • Conversions: too short to say for sure but looks equal more or less to original sales page. the point is that after 5 days, no there is no strong increase in profit or sales – both increase of price + short video sales letter do not lead to an increase in sales

Another possible test would be

  • video sales page + lower price
  • long sales page + higher price

Because the nb of sales is of course much lower for the break up program, here are some extra conclusions:

  • 1/4 of sales means less men working with this material means less sign ups for follow up coaching
  • Bridge of trust challenged? – because the price is higher, the perception of the product can be more commercial, less referrals, less positive vibes coming from visitors + clients + audience
  • Less referrals – as the price is higher, people might be less enclined to referrer this program to friends.

After this, today, I decide to shift back to the original sales page format + original price.

Thanks for testing ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ll be back soon with more tests!