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Here is what is included

Strategies + Power kicks

The goal of this material is very clear!

Give you all the tools you need to turn a break up into a life victory!

If your boyfriend or husband left you, this is the exact set of strategies you want!

In fact, what I give you is much more than a set of strategies!

It is a complete winning system to give you your life back!

And yes! It is very simple and easy to use!

It literally takes 5 minutes to get it!

It is written in plain and simple language!

It only takes 30-60 minutes to go through this material!

No complex concepts!

It is packed with power and energy!



I'll be direct, okay?

What I am going to say is radical. The truth is that half measures do not work with break up recovery.

You have two options:

  • The first one is to nurture his memory. You can go to therapy and spend hours talking about the way he made you feel. You can spend months trying to understand why he did it.

After a while, all your friends will run away. They will use words like pathetic when they talk about you.

  • The second option is to get your full power back.

A break up is a battle situation.

It is a crisis.

You have been invested in this guy for months, maybe years.

After you break up, you keep on giving.

You get back nothing.

Your whole mind set needs to shift and be repolarised to one single priority: you!

There is no soft approach here. He is in your mind and it is killing you. It is a self destructive spiral which annihilates your life.

Why? Because he is in your mind.

More! He has power over you.

You are not master of yourself anymore.

What you want is a new mind set. The old mind set of the victim is killing you.

You want to defend your life, your territory.

How to do that?

You radically shift the way you stand in it:

Wake up your survival instinct and get over it.

When you are not over it, you are under it, right?

Being under means carrying a useless weight which drains you and takes away your strength.

Why is that happening? You have no power.

In fact, he does.

Here are some key mind sets you need to wake up in you.

These are survival strategies.

They are not optional.

If you don't apply them, your are dead!

  • You are not a victim, you are a winner! - In fact this break up might be the best thing which ever happened to you. Put it this way: you are free!

  • He is gone and gone forever! - You won't get back together. In other terms don't hope he'll change his mind. If you meet him by coincidence, don't see this as a secret sign that you two are meant for each other!

  • You don't need him! - This is an illusion. You are perfectly fine with or without him.

  • You will meet new men! - Right now, he does not deserve the attention your give him

  • Alcohol or drugs does not help! - Getting drunk is the worst thing you can do. Drinking does not give you your power back. In fact it does exactly the opposite.

  • You owe him nothing! - A relationship is a temple with two pillars. If he takes off, consider yourself 100% free. Let it totally collapse. It's not your responsibility anymore.

  • What he does is none of your business! - You might believe you have rights? You don't! Simple as that. he does what he wants, when he wants, with whoever he wants. You have no control over that.

  • Get real! - There are many reasons he did what he did. Most of them have to do with fulfilling his own needs. Get real about who he is and what he wanted. Don't defend him.

Again, in a break up situation, you need to wake up your power and see this as a battle for survival.

Soft approaches don't work! It is a waste of your precious time.

You have the power to force yourself into a new mind set. This new mind set gives you freedom, space and instant recovery.

The question is: what do you want?

This is about your own survival.

Do what it takes to express your full power.


  Winning strategies for real break up situations!

We could spend days discussing concepts and ideas about break ups and guess what? It would not help you much!

You want practical tools! What you need are very specific new strategies to deal with key break up challenges!

Here are some of the situations I cover in depth and give you new refreshing strategies for:

  • What are the key strategies to get your full power back?

  • How to shift your mind from victim to winner.

  • Why he might take too much place in your mind and how to "kick" him out of it.

  • Why a break up is a battle for power and what to do to win.

  • What if he calls you? Is it wrong to answer?

  • What about meeting him? Is it wrong to meet?

  • If you want to see him, how often should you meet?

  • Does "No contact" really help?

  • Is there a chance of you two getting back together?

  • Why you might feel pain right now and how to get rid of it.

  • What about guilt?

  • How to let go of the dream and create a new thrilling vision for your life.

  • How to react if he is dating someone else.

  • What to do if he calls you every day?

  • How to really get over him. What it exactly means.

  • Why anger and frustration are okay and how to make sure they don't negatively impact on your life.

  • How to easily make new friends and expand your social circle.

  • Why staying away from alcohol and drugs is so essential.

  • Is it okay to jump into a rebound relationship straight after your break up? Or should you wait? How long?

  • Key strategies to stay healthy and avoid a self destructive spiral

  • What about colleagues or team mates? Should you discuss you break up with them?

  • Why??!!! How to find answers to your key break up questions.

  • Was this relationship a mistake? What you must know about relationship cycles.

  • The invisible story. Why you might still dream or think about him.

  • How to release emotional pain and feel free again.

  • Sexual needs. What are the best ways to respond to them now.

  • Should you be friends with your ex? Can it really work?

  • Yes! You can live without him! Here is why.

  • How to empower your personal base and gain back control of your life.

  • Why you want a coherent strategy to win this battle.

  • You are not a victim! You are a winner! Here is why.

  • And more!



Here are the some of the top questions this material will answer for you:

  • How to wake up your power and find new sources of energy in you!

  • What to tell him if he says you still have a chance.

  • What is the first break up trap and how to avoid it.

  • What to do if you asked him to leave but he keeps coming back to you.

  • What if you must work with him every day.

  • You did exactly what he wanted! How come he still broke up with you?

  • What is the best and most direct way to reconnect with yourself?

  • What exact role does a break up play in your long term destiny line?

  • Why it is essential to remove all traces of his presence.

  • How to easily reactivate your social life.

  • What are the many sides of a break up and why you need to know about them.

  • What are the exact keys you need to win a break up challenge.

  • What you need to know about your energy and how he can steal it from you.

  • What is the "no contact" rule and what exactly happens if you break it?

  • How to deal with text messages and other ways he finds to get to you.

  • Why it is essential to never discuss your battle plan with the enemy.

  • What are your fighting skills and how to wake them up.

  • What did you learn from your break up? - Why you want to find answers before jumping in a new relationship.

  • Yes! It is possible to be single and totally happy! Here is why.

  • Why he will always call you just when you get your life back on track.

  • Why you want to stop talking about him.

  • What is a psychic gap and why a break up is an emotional challenge you can win.

  • Why did he leave? The exact reasons why men break up and how to avoid it happening again in the future.

  • And more!

  More Answers!


  • Why you have to be very careful when talking about reconciliation

  • Why it is a bad idea to have sex with your ex

  • I don't really want to speak with him - What if he calls me or runs into me?

  • Why it is challenging to move on before you find answers

  • I want him to feel what I'm going through, does that make me a bad person?

  • What hurts me the most is that he now tells me he never loved me!

  • What you must do in the first week after your break up

  • What if you don't want to completely lose him forever from your life?

  • Should you just cut off all contact with him?

  • I was doing great until I accepted to see him again

  • How to get over your ex? - Defend yourself!

  • Give me a reason why I should not ask him back ever

  • Why your friends get tired of hearing about your break up

  • Why a break up is an emotional challenge and what to do about it

  • What you can do if you just broke up

  • Why suffer longer than needed from your break up?

  + Top 8 Strategies to multiply your level of personal power and get your life back

In other terms, what are the key mind sets you need to wake up in you? These are survival strategies. They are not optional. If you don't apply them, your are done!

  • What are the top 8 strategies to win a break up challenge?

  • How to shift from victim to winner role and why so many women fail in doing just that.

  • Why hope of getting back together can keep you stacked. Why getting back together does not work in 95% of the cases.

  • Why you don't need him! You will discover exactly how to gain a new sense of emotional independence and enjoy it immensely.

  • Why you will meet new men! The simple pathways to reconnect with the dating world and succeed with men.

  • How to stay away from alcohol and drugs. How to avoid the self destructive spiral (snow ball effect) and limit your challenge to its real size!

  • How to forgive yourself and really move on. Why feelings of guilt or shame can hold you back and how to clear them forever. Why you owe him nothing.

  • Why left over emotional, jealousy or controlling patterns could stop you from moving on. Why what he does is no longer your business and how to accept it!

  • How to keep your two feet on the ground and shift from romantic dream to reality. How to face, accept and embrace reality and focus on the future rather than the past.


Key strategies for divorce situations!

These are extra strategies focused on divorce challenges. A divorce has two sides: the emotional one and the legal one.

Here are some extra strategies to deal with more practical and legal aspects if you are in a divorce situation:

  • Two sides of a divorce.

  • Special strategies for divorce situations.

  • Key divorce pitfalls.

  • What if you have children together.

  • Splitting assets.

  • What are your rights?

  • Can you be friends with your ex?

  • How to relate constructively to your ex.

  • And more!

Key steps to reconnect with the dating world and be successful with dating new men

A whole area of my site is dedicated to dating success for women.

This whole dating success program includes videos, e-books, MP3's and more. You will receive total and unlimited access to all this material in just a minute, once your get your break up package.

Here are some of the key situations I cover in this dating success area:

  • How to strike a conversation with a total stranger.

  • How to tease guys.

  • I can't stand seeing him talking with other girls.

  • How to connect with a guy you never met before.

  • How to increase attraction after a first date.

  • Key safe-dating strategies - How to protect yourself when dating.

  • How to win at first dates.

  • How to ask him out.

  • Why guys fall for girls like you.

  • How to make it easy for him to ask you out.

  • Keep it simple for 3 months.

  • How to be rejection proof.

  • Is he afraid to commit?

  • Why does he flirt with you?

  • Why he does not call back.

  • Understanding men.

  • How to get a guy to fall in love with you.

  • How to get a guy to notice you.

  • And much more!

This is truly only a small fraction of what you will find in the "dating success - For women" section!

I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be happy and find love again in the future.

  The target? Get your life back within 30 days!

Within 30 days, most women are able to get back 80% of their power.

Imagine your life without feeling the need to contact your ex boyfriend or ex husband

Imagine this extra sense of self confidence and inner power!

What I give you here are the direct strategies to make that shift + the motivation and power kicks to take action!

Take action now!


Key strategies to get your full power back

A break up is always challenging emotionally. This is why I focused this whole e-book on how to get your full power back.

Your goal is to get your full power back. There could be many moments where you look for directions and answers and simply need an extra power kick.

You want to fill this inner gap and strengthen your emotional foundation.

Your mind is your closest ally. The number one quality you need when breaking up is extra power.

The way to establish extra power in you is by taking action and by strengthening your emotional foundation.

Imagine feeling totally strong and confident.

This is why I wrote down powerful strategies to make sure you win this challenge.

This is about you and your emotional victory.

This e-book will give you the extra power kick you are looking for right now


  If it is that easy to get your life back, how come women tend to be stacked with it?

Excellent question!

Most women tend to stay stacked with this challenge because they don't see a valid enough reason to fight. They simply let a break up overpower them. They take the victim role.

For those who genuinely want to get over their ex but don't find a way to, what they miss is simply an effective set of strategies.

Suppose you are a woman. Your first instinct is to simply wait and hope that the break up pain will go away.

It usually does not work! Or if it works, it simply takes too long!

The first step is to understand more about break up dynamics, the forces and emotions involved, the role a break up plays in your life, etc.

Once you have a greater understanding of the break up dynamics, you start taking positive and consistent action to win your life back.

You learn to rebuild your life on a new base, stay focused and discover as well how to connect with new men.

You discover extra sources of power in you.

You reframe your mind sets and reposition the way you stand in this situation.

Basically, you master the break up challenge!

This is why the average woman does not usually tap into these techniques without a little guidance and support.

It is because it takes time and energy to discover the right battle strategies by yourself.

I am convinced that you know already everything you will read in this e-book or listen to in these MP3 audios. A part of you knows it but you are not aware of it.

All these instincts we talk about are deeply buried in your subconscious mind and we simply bring them to the surface so that you can start using them.

If you prefer reinventing the wheel by yourself, you are welcome to go ahead.

I do believe that if you focus on it for a few months or more, you will eventually discover some of the techniques and ideas I am about to share with you.

Even if you really dive in it by yourself, you'll probably unveil only a fraction of what you will discover in this material, though.

The question is: do you have six months? Do you have the time and energy to do all that by yourself or do you prefer taking the direct short cut I am about to share with you.

As soon as you see the strategies I talk about, the path to master your break up will be crystal clear!

Again, it is not that complicate. You simply need the right set of strategies.

What is your choice? Stay stacked at a crossroad for a few months or hit the target within a week?

My advice?

Act now! Don't waste your time! Of course!!!


The best you'll find on the net on this topic!

Sometimes, I find the net very frustrating.

You can spend days researching a subject without finding what you look for.

This is different!

This package is the best you'll find on the net about this topic.

My message is simple: Get it now!

This is not a marketing trick!

I know that this material can rapidly give you your life back!

This material is unique!

It is not therapy!

It is not a set of conceptual ideas which take you nowhere!

It is practical and 100% action and results oriented!

I am a professional life coach!

I have coached many women one on one on this type of issue, by phone or in person!

Now, this material is the nectar of everything I learned. I concentrated all my knowledge and skills in it.

My experience is 100% practical.

What I wrote and recorded is what I learned on the field, helping women like you deal with one of the biggest emotional challenge you can face.

I want you to succeed!

I want you to break through!

What brings me to coaching is not money!

It is the passion for helping women like you overcome key challenges in their lives.

That's my passion!

This is why I invested myself totally to help you wake up a new set of power skills so that your life gets back on track as soon as possible!

This is the spirit in which I created this material!

Get it now!

It is by far the best you'll ever find on the net on this topic!



What you say - Success stories

Some of the success stories that keep pouring into my inbox!


What you mention is exactly what happens in real life

"Your product is very detailed. It hits the nail right on the head. What you mention in your e-book and MP3s is exactly what happens in real life..."

M - US

I purchased your material and in just hours I felt back on my feet again!

"Hello Francisco,

I purchased your material and I want to thank you for your valuable coaching and advice.

My ex broke up with me a year and a half ago and I went down the downward spiral. The break up was so sudden and devastating that I didn't know how to recover from it.

I had never had to walk through something as painful.

And believe it or not, after a year and a half I was still waiting by the phone! It was really pathetic. I allowed myself to become a wreck.

I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed to get some help for my situation.

I purchased your material and in just hours I felt back on my feet again! I didn't realize that I could reclaim my power and territory back, nor did I have any idea how to start.

Your coaching has set off a chain reaction in my situation that will continue to allow me to grow and be energized!

Now that I look back on it, it all seems a bit silly. I didn't realize all the pitfalls I was falling into and all the mistakes I was making to take myself lower and lower.

Pretty much all the ‘don't do this' advice you give, well, I did it at one point.

But now I laugh because you have given me the strategy I needed. I am truly thankful for you sharing this advice and coaching."


I still read it every day!

"I still read everyday your e-book which helps me a great deal. Thank you so much for writing a fantastic and helpful book."

S - US

I truly feel 1000 times better

"I actually bought your e-book just after posting on the forum.

Let me just say KUDOS to you for the excellent product.

I started reading and just devoured it in about an hour and a half. You are a very insightful and intelligent guy!

Your material helped me almost instantly and I feel great!

I work as a night auditor at a hotel at the moment and I have quite a bit of downtime so this allowed me to go through it all so fast.

I feel like I'll be leaving work this morning a different version of the me that walked in last night.

I truly feel 1000 times better about the whole situation and I am now ready to put my life back in order.

I would recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation."

H - US

I'm so glad I found your website!

"Hello Francisco, I just bought your e-book and downloaded all the mp3 files. I can tell you are a straight shooter who gives practical advice on relationship issues.

I'm so glad I found your website! I had done a google search for 'breaking up alternatives' and found you.

Once again, thank you for your dedication and compassion for us out here who are sincerely trying to build (and keep) healthy, satisfying relationships!

Best Regards"

J - US

It's really awesome

"I bought and read your book about breakups.

It's really awesome, I didn't even read it by heart but it gave me some kind of strength and feelings of freedom, I started feeling the breeze, trees, flowers, shrubs etc.

Looks like my awareness came back.

I also got excited of several future plans.

Thanks sir and more power to you."

B - US

I wish I had done that a week ago

"Francisco, I purchased your package and it's been really helpful. I wish I had done that a week ago. In a matter of three days I've been able to make a lot of progress by reading the book over and over. Every time I feel like I'm loosing power I pick it up and read."


Wow, this guy knows exactly what I'm going through and what I'm feeling!!!

"Hi Francisco,

I bought your e-book and quickly became a fan of your site. After listening to the first mp3's I began to feel relief of my recent breakup. I thought, "Wow, this guy knows exactly what I'm going through and what I'm feeling!!!"

I recently had a breakup of a 3 yr. relationship with someone that I really thought had been divinely sent to me and thought I would ultimately marry and have a family with.

I just listened to "Power kicks" and thought "Oh my God, that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, exactly!"

Your insight is amazing!!

I also appreciate that you sound genuinely concerned and interested in all of these dynamics. I'm sure that's what makes you so good at it.




"Francisco, Just bought your e-book "How to get your Power back". Fantastic!"


You really know what you're talking about

"Hi Francisco, firstly just wanted to say a huge thanks for the advice in your ebook. Everything you said made a lot of sense and really helped me to get past that difficult first few weeks after my partner and I broke up.

You really know what you're talking about and I would totally recommend this to anyone struggling to deal with a tough breakup!"

N - US

It was the slap in the face that helped me see where I was

"Long story short: married 20 years then divorced. I descended to hell with thoughts of destroying what life I had left. Then I found your web site.

It should be law that every divorced person gets a copy of your "How to get your power back" MP3. It was the slap in the face that helped me see where I was and what I needed to do to get MY power back. It worked!!

God bless you Francisco."

R - US

I have made more progress with this e-book than any other thing I have done since my partner left me

"I have made more progress with this e-book than any other thing I have done since my partner left me. Thanks for writing it"

P - US

Absolutely brilliant

"Hi! I have recently purchased "How to get your power back after a break up" which is absolutely brilliant and has helped me a great deal. It really got me back on the right road again. Many thanks!"


That one audio file has been worth every penny I paid!!


I needed to thank you for your e-book, and especially the audio files. I bought your package on "Getting your power back after breakups" last Sunday. My partner broke up last Saturday and I was searching for help the next day.

I listen to your audio files in the car going to work, at work, coming home from work, and while I am falling asleep!

Thanks again, I will keep listening to your MP3's and gaining back my strength and power. You have truly helped me regain my sanity!!"


Great stuff! Some solid reality checks

"It works! I have read the book, listened to it and all of the MP3s all weekend. Great stuff! Some solid reality checks. Best Regards"

R - US

You have been a life saver


I have been listening to the mp3 files all day and I have to say that so far you have been a life saver.

I had been with my ex for about 8 months so you can imagine my devastation. I did all of the things that I am know learning that I shouldn't have. Begging to try again and always appearing needy.

Now I am becoming armed with the tools that I need to beat this. It has been about 2 weeks since the break up and it has been extremely difficult, but I found your book just in time.

I am already applying the strategies and I feel better about the whole thing. It is my hope that your book and mp3 files will help me along with this battle.

Anyway, thank you for the e-book. And I may be contacting you for some live sessions.

Thank you again"


Francisco has a very clear and concise way of telling you just exactly what you need to know

"With the advice Francisco has offered, I've been able to regroup and keep myself from losing my cool and control. I was actually falling into the pitfalls he talks about in the beginning.

If anyone is going through a break up, or even if your relationship is rocky, you should seriously consider this e-book. Everything I've read thus far is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Francisco has a very clear and concise way of telling you just exactly what you need to know.

If it wasn't for the help I've gotten from vitalcoaching.com I'd be so far worse than I am now."

Had I known what I know now...

"Had I known what I know now (Thanks in part to Francisco) I would probably still be in this relationship, and it might even be healthy."

Thank you again for helping me get through the most difficult time of my life


First of all thank you for writing "How to get your power back". Your e-book and information are helping me in a lot of ways in my life.

Like you mention in your e-book "this is a crisis" and I need to get my power back. I'm sure you get a lot of correspondence like this, but I wanted to quickly share my story. I think these events will make me a stronger and better person overall.

I promised myself to start 2006 with a new outlook and somehow I found your material online. Although I am not completely over my ex, your e-book has helped me on those nights where I just needed a little push to get to bed and fall asleep.

Thank you again for helping me get through the most difficult time of my life."


It was almost like you recorded this around my situation


Just really wanted to say thank you for your insights and advice in the e-book.

The break up I went through was the toughest thing I ever went through in my life and I am still trying to get all my power back. It will take time... But you truly helped me take the first steps in a new future for me.

It's funny because when I was listening to you on the mp3, it was almost like you recorded this around my situation."

R - US

I am the winner!

"Hi Francisco. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you. You're so right. I found out my ex was having an affair after 25 years of marriage, some 3 months ago. I got your e-book.

And you were so right, I am the winner! I was in a bad way but took your advice. Have now met someone myself (who knows if it will last) and now feel so much better about myself. I no longer feel ugly and useless. I feel free and good about myself, here' s to the future. Thank you again Francisco!"


Your book is incredible!

"Thank you so much for all of the help! Your book is incredible! You've done a great job!"


I love your book

"I love your book and want to win this battle. I would love to talk with you live."

I have already been taking some steps and done a little dating

"I just ordered your e-book. I read it twice and have already been taking some steps and done a little dating."

C - US

My life is so much richer, happier and more fulfilling than at any time since I can remember

"Hi Francisco,

This time last year, my partner left me. It wasn't a great time...

I found your site one night while googling for help with my predicament. I bought your course on breaking up, and set about trying to put it into effect.

I have to say nothing changed overnight, but I still found your material to be enormously helpful and I referred to it again and again.

Now, a year later, I find I have undergone profound changes for the better. My life is so much richer, happier and more fulfilling than at any time since I can remember. I have become fit, active and more gregarious than I have been since I was a teenager. I have met new dates, my career has blossomed and it seems weird to say it, but my marriage break-up has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. I never thought I would find myself saying that.

I hope others in my situation will take heart from my experience.

Your course gave me hope that I would come out smiling the other side; and I have. Hang in there, keep your head up, refer to the course and don't ever doubt that you too will end up so much happier than you can presently imagine. Work hard."


I am a brand new person and not only has my love life improved tremendously, but everything else around me is booming

"Dear Francisco,I bought your e-book program some weeks ago and all I can say is that it saved my life! I am a brand new person and not only has my love life improved tremendously, but everything else around me is booming.

I have recommended many of my friends to sign up with your coaching programs. I have found them to be the most practical and humane approached to handling break up situations.

Thank you and keep up the great work! Yours sincerely"

OM - Ecuador

Exactly what I needed

"I received the ebook and audios, and read and started to listen, they are truly excellent, exactly what I needed right now. Best"


I listened to it as I fall asleep

"Thanks for your "Power" advice to get your power back. I listened to it as I fall asleep to keep my mind of my boyfriend"

Believe it or not, your videos helped me get over him in a day

"Thank you so much for your video How to Get Over A Break Up (for women). I broke up with my boyfriend December 9th and believe it or not, your video helped me get over him in a day. Thank You!!!!!!!"



Here is what is included

How to get your power back after he breaks up - For women - E-book!

200 pages of dynamite! - This is the core product of your package - In PDF format - Printable.

Break up - For women - MP3 audios

Listen to your e-book live + 14 power kicks + 8 extra strategies for divorce situations + More!

These audios give you direct strategies for the most challenging break up situations - Yes! These MP3 audios can be quickly uploaded to your IPod or MP3 player - You can as well burn them on a CD and listen to them on your way to work for instance.

All audios are available to download either individually or in easy to use "zip" packages in which you get specific sets of MP3 audios at once.

Break up - For women - Videos

A new set of videos I just added! - a give you live direct strategies to deal with some your key break up challenges! - A must have if you want to get your life back as soon as possible!

Break up - For women - Articles

These are targeted extra articles that answer key break up challenges - I take real life situations my clients face and give you directed strategies to deal with them.

So many specific break up challenges analyzed in detail with best strategies to deal with them! - These articles and expert advices are available in a convenient blog format with simple label search.


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200+ break up questions already answered - Ask a question - Get feed back on your unique situation - Share your story - Topics covered include:

  • Breaking up

  • Dating skills

  • How to deal with rejection

  • How to deal with cheating and infidelity

  • How to deal with your ex

  • And more!

Dating success - For women - E-book + Videos + MP3s + More!

To make sure you get back on track fast, I offer you access to the totality of the "dating success - For women" program and resources on vitalcoaching.com.

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The moment you are ready you can access all the strategies and tips you need to start dating again and be successful with men.

To your dating power!

My Ex Drives Me Nuts! - Here Is How To Keep Your Sanity When Dealing With Your Ex - Ebook

Half the challenges you face in a break up or divorce are about successfully dealing with your ex. In this targeted ebook, I give you solid answers and tactics

  • Why do they harass you?

  • Why do they try to seduce you?

  • Why don't they respect you when you tell them to leave you alone?

  • How to respond when you have your ex at your door step wanting to start a fight?

  • How to train your mind to stop being triggered and getting upset

  • And so much more!

Coaching men and women in break ups and divorces is MY job. I am a pro life coach with 10 years successful experience in that field. My approach is not really therapeutic. It is power oriented.

I know by experience that if you feel weak, no matter how much therapy you take this unbalance of power brings you back to the victim role over and over again.

So, here is an opportunity to break that dead end cycle and boost your power.

To deal with your ex, you need new tactics!

This is a battle for power!

If you let them win, you are doomed!

You want to take back control over your personal space and successfully design new boundaries with your ex.

These are some of the tactics you will start reading in just a minute!


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My name is Francisco Bujan. I am the author of this material and the creator of vitalcoaching.com

I am a full time professional coach.

What gives me the authority to help you with these topics is not the fact that like you, I was confronted with and solved my own set of challenges, it is the fact that I actively coached dozens of men and women on these specific areas.

In spent dozens of coaching hours with my clients designing the strategies I am about to offer you.

I am now excited to share everything I learned with you.

This material is unique and it will give you the set of strategies + power kicks you need to solve so many of your key life challenges!

To your power!

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Some people prefer listening to an MP3 audio power kick while driving on their way to work instead of reading an E-book for instance.

Sometimes you will want to see me live in a targeted video advice.

Others prefer to read forum posts and see live examples with solutions of what others are facing.

This is why I offer this multi tools approach.

Easily winning your life challenges has to do with immersion! You dive into it! Having something to read + watch + listen to + actively participate in is ideal.

I created this package with these various formats because I know it is what works best!

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