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When you face a cheating crisis, you are overwhelmed with a storm or intense emotions.

This material is your battle plan to get your life back - I give you the tools to think straight and make the right decisions.

I am a pro life coach and have been coaching women on this topic for 10 years - The strategies I give you were designed in real cheating crisis situations when coaching my clients one on one.

Get it! It's the power kick that will radically boost your energy, clarity and your success in dealing with this challenge.

This is advice on steroids! - It's a concentrated and ultra targeted energy kick!

I'll be direct, okay?

What I am going to say is radical. The truth is that half measures do not work when your partner cheats on you.

You have two options:

  • The first one is to take the victim role. You can go to therapy and spend hours talking about how good your relationship was. You can spend months trying to understand why he did it. After a while, all your friends will run away. They will use words like pathetic when they talk about you.

  • The second option is to get your full power back.

A cheating crisis is a battle situation.

It is a crisis!

You have been invested in him for months, maybe years.

After he cheats on you, you might be tempted to keep on giving and get back nothing.

Your whole mind set needs to shift and be repolarised to one single priority: you!

There is no soft approach here.

He has too much power over your mind and it is killing you.

It is a self destructive spiral which annihilates your life.


Because he is in your mind.

More! He has power over you.

You are not master of yourself anymore.

What you want is a new mind set.

The old mind set of the victim is killing you.

You want to defend your life and territory.

How to do that?

You radically shift the way you stand in it:

Wake up your survival instinct and face the challenge.

When you are not over it, you are under it, right?

Being under means carrying a useless weight which drains you and takes away your strength.

Why is that happening?

You have no power.

In fact, he does.

Here are some key mind sets you need to wake up in you.

These are survival strategies.

They are not optional.

If you don't apply them, your are dead!

  • You are not a victim, you are a winner.

In fact this cheating crisis might be the best thing which ever happened to you. Put it this way: you are now awake!

  • You don't need him.

This is an illusion. You are perfectly fine with or without him.

  • You will meet new men.

Right now, he does not deserve the attention your give him. If you had to break up, you will have new options.

  • Alcohol or drugs does not help

Getting drunk is the worst thing you can do. Drinking does not give you your power back. In fact it does exactly the opposite.

  • Find out exactly what is happening

Do whatever it takes to find answers. Spy on him if you have to. Ask friends. Ask him direct questions. Confront! Demand answers.

  • Express your anger and frustration if you want to

Expressing freely what you feel is good. Do need to suppress or hide what you feel. Bring it to the surface and say what you want to say.

  • Focus on yourself! Do not pursue him!

Hello!!! He is the one who cheated, right? Don't pursue him as if you were the guilty one. Don't try to gain him back right now. It's his task to solve the mess he just created.

  • Take some emotional distance

Give him the cold shoulder for a while. If you don't live together, stay away from him. If you live in the same house, stop interacting with him. You don't have to be soft right now.

  • Stay healthy!

Don't let this event take you down physically. Stay away from alcohol or drugs. Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep.

Same goes for work, business, career or studies. Make sure that this challenge does not impact on your performance.

Make sure that no one gets physically hurt.

  • Protect your personal space

If you live together, make sure he does not bring her home! This is like double cheating. Scream and yell if you have to. Make sure that your personal space stays emotionally safe for you!

  • Protect your children

If you have children, his cheating is an attack on both you and your family.

It is time to nurture and feed the connection with your children.

  • Don't cheat as a revenge!

I know that you might be tempted to go for a one night stand with his best friend as a revenge. Don't go that way! Dealing with one cheater is a challenge. If you go that way, you'll have to deal with twice the pain.

Go for a drink with a male friend if you need some masculine comfort but don't get intimate. You might blame yourself later for it and ad to the present challenge.

  • Give yourself a couple of weeks before taking a decision

Of course, in the middle of it, you'll ask yourself: "Should I stay or should I go?"

Express your anger but don't take long term life decisions out of anger.

Get, clear facts and cool down, so that if you kick him out or move on after that, you do this in a "serene" state of mind.

  • Get real!

There are many reasons he did what he did. Most of them have to do with fulfilling his own needs. Get real about who he is and what he wanted. Don't defend him.

This is what a winner would do.

Again, in a cheating crisis, you need to wake up your power and see this as a battle for survival.

Soft approaches don't work!

It is a waste of your precious time.

You have the power to force yourself into a new mind set.

This new mind set gives you freedom, space and instant recovery.

The question is: what do you want? This is about your own survival.

Do what it takes to express your full power.

These directions are battle strategies.

Tap into your survival instincts!

In the core of your being, you do have emergency resources you can wake up.

These resources are powerful!

Wake them up now and win this challenge!

Effective strategies

You probably got it by now: This e-book is a battle strategy.

The goal is simple: make sure that you win this challenge.

Here are more exciting topics treated in this e-book:

  • Should you kick him out of your life on the spot

  • What to do if you know the woman he cheated with

  • Should you go for the "no contact" rule for a while?

  • What are the key cheating crisis pitfalls you must avoid

  • Don't let this impact on your health or career

  • Revenge cheating? Is it okay?

  • How to truly get over him if you decide to break up

  • How to deal with pain, anger or frustration

  • Keys to empower your emotional foundation

  • How to deal with your sexual and affective needs

And so much more...

This e-book is packed with tips, strategies and pure energy which will wake up a powerful stream of fresh inspiration in you.

How to get your full power back

A cheating crisis is always challenging emotionally.

This is why I focused this whole e-book on how to get your full power back.

Your goal is to get your full power back.

There could be many moments where you look for directions and answers and simply need an extra power kick.

You want to fill this inner gap and strengthen your emotional foundation.

Your mind is your closest ally.

The number one quality you need when your partner cheats is extra power.

The way to establish extra power in you is by taking action and by strengthening your emotional foundation.

Imagine feeling totally strong and confident.

This is why I wrote down powerful strategies to make sure you win this challenge.

This is about you and your emotional victory.

This e-book will give you the extra power kick you are looking for right now

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I want you to succeed. I want you to break through. You might believe that life coaches go around making thousands of dollars, charging up to 300$ for a session. Might be true for some. It's not true for me!

I lead a modest life style. What brings me to coaching is not money. It is the passion for helping women like you overcome key challenges in their lives.

That's my passion. This is why I invest myself totally to help you wake up your power. This is the spirit in which I created this e-book.

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