Clean! – TIP


This one might be bigger than you think!

When interviewing women on key dating and sex turn offs, bad breath or dirty nails is often mentioned.

Duh! Imagine where your hand is going to be if you get intimate!

That’s what she thinks!

If your bedroom is a mess and you did not change the sheets in weeks, chances for her to get intimate with you are slim.

My guess is that you already have most of that under control.

Now, if this chapter is an eye opener for you, do something about it now!

Shave or not?

I know it is confusing!

With all the fashion hype about these unshaved male models on fashion magazine’s covers, it makes you believe that a 3 days beard is sexy, right?

Well, take some thick sand paper and rub it on your but!

That’s how it probably feels to her when you dive between her legs.

Would you like that?

A chick to chick romantic minute can be pretty painful to her if you didn’t use a razor blade in the last 24 hours!


Yes! There are!

I believe that 1 woman out of 10 will actually be turned on physically by the extra maleness emanating from you.

Morning breath?

It’s super easy to snick into the bathroom at dawn and quickly give your teeth and breath some refreshing!

One more tip… Penis hygiene is essential of course.

If you hope for some oral action on her side, make sure that she knows it is safe to go down on you.

An easy way to let her know is to shower together.

It will give you the possibility as well to show her how much your love the sensual roundness of her breasts by massaging her with total admiration + devotion!