Hi! I am Shiva Rajaya (Francisco Bujan), creator of – I will be coaching you when you sign up



  • Unlimited coaching time with me for the 1 week, 1 month or 3 months depending on the package you choose.
  • In practice, this usually means 1 to 5 x 30 min scheduled or non scheduled sessions per week.
  • If you are a new client, we often start with a longer 1 hour session.
  • You can use phone, skype, email and more.
  • Your answers within 24 hours.
  • You contact me when you need me.
  • Because we might connect frequently and to give time to all my clients, we usually have 30 min non scheduled or short notice scheduled sessions, weekdays.
  • What I say above are guidelines, not fixed rules. I am flexible. If scheduled calls or longer sessions (max 1 hour session per day) work better for you, we can do that too.
  • I keep my week ends free but make exceptions in case of emergencies or time constraints.
  • You can contact me 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.
  • If you get my voice mail or I am not available on the spot, I get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Your coaching cycle starts the moment you make your payment.
  • Suppose you buy 1 week unlimited coaching on Jan 8th, you are covered until Jan 14th whether you use me or not.
  • If you want more time after that, you simply buy more coaching.
  • If by any chance I am not available for a few days, I extend your coaching period accordingly.



1 HOUR COACHING – $149 – BUY NOW >>> 4 HOURS COACHING – $499 – BUY NOW >>> 12 HOURS COACHING – $1499 – BUY NOW >>>
  • I simply count the time we spend in sessions.
  • You can use these credits phone, email, skype and in person.
  • You can use these credits for face to face sessions.
  • You are free to split your credits. For instance you can have 2 x 30 min sessions with 1 hour credits.
  • Use your credits now or keep them for later.
  • Your credits stay valid for 12 months.



  • Tantrika Training is a complete life mastery system – We cover the 5 core areas of SEX, BODY, MIND, MONEY, SPIRIT – The training is focused on your unique and most urgent needs
  • TANTRIKA TRAINING – STARTER –> VIDEOS + GROUP – You are given access to ongoing video training + group activity – This is a virtual secret group access where I post videos and specific instructions to those taking the training – This is a recurring monthly payment – You can easily cancel anytime
  • TANTRIKA TRAINING – HALF SPEED –> GROUP SESSIONS – VIDEOS – GROUP – This package gives you access to group sessions, training videos and online group – This training is live and on location with Shiva Rajaya – Recurring monthly payment – Easily cancel anytime
  • TANTRIKA TRAINING – FULL SPEED –> PERSONAL SESSIONS – GROUP SESSIONS – VIDEOS – GROUP – This package gives you access to daily personal sessions sessions (5 sessions/week), group sessions, training videos and online group – This training is live and on location with Shiva Rajaya – Recurring monthly payment – Easily cancel anytime





  • Sessions by skype, phone, viber, whatsApp, facebook messenger, email or in person
  • Scheduled or non scheduled sessions
  • Sessions by phone, skype, email, Instant messenger with or without video.
  • Use Skype, Viber and more.
  • 15, 30 or 60 min sessions.
  • Scheduled or non scheduled sessions.
  • You must buy coaching time before scheduling a session.
  • I can usually as well call your cellphone or landline.
  • While live phone or in person sessions are highly recommended, in some exceptional cases if live sessions are not an option, I might invite you to get my answers by email or recorded messages
  • You can use email coaching with any of your packages.
  • If you bought an unlimited coaching package, you are free to use email coaching as much as you want.
  • If you got a fixed amount of coaching credits, I simply count the time I spend reading and answering your questions.
  • 1 hour coaching credits = Usually 2 to 4 email exchanges depending on their length.
  • Approximately 15 min credits per 1/2 page email that I write. I am fair. No worries!
  • Emails answered within 24 hours.

My name is Shiva Rajaya (Francisco Bujan) and I will be personally coaching you. You can check more about me in my bio page

  • Have an Unlimited Coaching subscription or enough Coaching Credits before we schedule a call or have a session.
  • Be spot on time for your session. I might have another call or session just before or after yours.
  • Respect me. I am on your side. I can’t work with you if you become aggressive or abusive towards me.
  • Be professional
  • Respect your boundaries
  • Respect total confidentiality
  • Be a positive evolutionary agent for your life
  • Create a safe and clear space
  • Respect timing and appointments
  • Make everything I can to have the best possible sessions with you
  • Act in total respect of my code of ethics
  • If you schedule a call and under exceptional circumstances, can’t make it to your session, you can cancel or reschedule with at least 12 hours notice.
  • Be sure to let me know in advance.
  • If you cancel, show up late or reschedule twice in a month without major exceptional reason, I will invite you to shift to a “non scheduled session” format.
  • This means that rather than booking a time, you simply contact me for non-scheduled sessions when you need me.
  • To avoid abuse, no shows are charged like a normal session.
  • Of course if you had a last minute major emergency, I will gladly check your unique case.
  • If you want to test our communication tools and make sure that I am a real person, you can contact me for a 5 min chat before signing up.
  • I will listen to your story and answer your questions or concerns to make sure that coaching is right for you.
  • I don’t deliver my coaching in this short chat, though.
  • This is only  an opportunity for you to see that I am a real person 😉 and that I can coach you.
  • If you like what you hear, I will ask you to buy coaching credits to have a session.
  • We can even have it on the spot if we both have time.
  • If you are unsure, contact me.
  • I’ll be happy to check this with you.
  • You can as well start with a small step and get 1 week unlimited.
  • You will get a clear picture after a couple of sessions.
  • For topics that need extra follow up like breakups or jealousy challenges, I usually suggest a weekly 30 or 60 min call for a month, so 1 month unlimited is ideal.
  • If you need a targeted answer on a specific challenge, 30 or 60 min is usually enough.
  • Can you take just one session? Absolutely!

My coaching is based on these key values

  • Confidentiality – Everything you tell me stays between us.
  • Safe space – Coaching is a safe space. I respect you. You can openly share with me. I am not here to judge you.
  • Focus – When we are in a session, I give you my full undivided attention.
  • Your agenda – What happens in a session is your agenda, your needs, your plan, your vision. You tell me where you want to go. I help you get there.
  • Clarity – My communication style is easy and direct.
  • Sympathy – I coach because I care. I invest myself in getting you where you want to be.
  • Energy – I bring energy, lightness and fun to our sessions. We open a refreshing space together.
  • Expertise – I make sure that my skills and expertise stay up to date.
  • Feedback – I welcome your feedback and if needed am happy to make changes to any aspect of my coaching.
  • Flexibility – I listen to your unique needs and orient my coaching accordingly.
  • With unlimited coaching packages, I have a certain coaching rhythm of 30 min sessions usually every second day that makes it energetically affordable for me. I can offer these packages if your respect this rhythm or format. If you are too pushy or demanding with time or session frequency, in some isolated cases, I might ask you to shift back to fixed coaching credits packages.
  • Respect me in your communication style. As you can imagine, if you engage in any form of verbally abusive or aggressive behavior towards me, I will probably end our coaching relationship.


Success stories

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Coming soon



  • Break up and divorce recovery
  • How to master your jealousy
  • Dating and sex skills
  • Couple skills
  • Communication skills
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Energy building techniques
  • Personal power and confidence
  • Emotional balance
  • Business success
  • Career choices
  • Financial freedom building
  • Spiritual targets
  • Meditation techniques
  • And so much more!
What’s off topic? 
  • Serious health issues
  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • SHARING – You tell me about your situation, what steps you already took, what worked and what is still a challenge – I listen.
  • TARGETS – Identify targets for the session – We identify exactly what you want to get from this session.
  • COACHING – We identify the best strategy for your challenge – We build up energy – Fresh perspectives – Reflections – Feedback – Etc.
  • SUMMARY – We check again the strategies + Make sure that nothing is missing.
  • FEEDBACK – I ask you how you experienced the session and a few points you will remember from it.
  • SCHEDULE NEXT SESSION – We schedule another call or we keep it open.
  • Targeted help exactly when you want it – Both scheduled and non scheduled sessions – You access me when you need me.
  • Safe space to share – Support – Caring.
  • Energy! – Fresh boost out of any interaction with me – Motivation – Power kick.
  • Emotional freedom – Deep sense of release – Worry and stress free.
  • More power! – New sense of control and direction over whatever might be challenging you right now.
  • Direct answers – I am direct – You get answers, fast!
  • Clarity – Liberating!
  • Fresh perspectives – Look at your situation from new angles – Gain new insights
  • Feedback – I am your sounding board – I reflect – I tell you how it resonates to me
  • Direction – You know what to do next.
  • Strategies – Refreshed battle plan – Tactics
  • Power to take action – That’s a big one! – You will move forward!
  • Results – Of course! – That’s the goal!

I am here for you!

  • Much more power and energy to take action.
  • Renewed ability to manifest what you want.
  • New openings in your life.
  • Refreshing shifts in your perspectives.
  • A much stronger connection with what you want.
  • New boundaries and positive connections with others.
  • A clear vision of your destiny line
  • More freedom
  • And much more!
  • It shifts your doubts or limiting beliefs!
  • It focuses on action!
  • It offers you support!
  • It empowers you!
  • It focuses on your needs!
  • It focuses on your strengths!
  • It is targeted to your situation!
  • It is safe and ethical!
  • It is fun, exciting and powerful!
How to make the best of your coaching
  • Refresh – Before your session, stand up! – Get some fresh air – Breeze deeply a few times – Get a drink – Smile! – This will be fun, energizing and empowering!
  • Write it down – If you have insights or questions, write them down. You can either share them with me when we speak or email them to me before our call.
  • Targets for your session – 5 minutes before our call, take a white page and ask yourself: what are the targets for this session? What results did you achieve since your last session? What results do you expect? What do you want?
  • Make sure you don’t get disturbed – Tell your partner or friends that you can’t be disturbed – If you are not using it for our chat, turn off your cell phone – Close your facebook page, email and other distractions – Focus at 100% on what happens in our call.
  • Relax – This is a safe space – I am here to help you.
  • Ask me – You have something on your mind? Be direct! Ask me in the beginning of the call!
  • Trust me – Be open to what I suggest – I helped hundreds of clients before – Trust my expertise.
  • Give me feedback – If anything in our sessions does not match your expectations, tell me. I am open and I listen.
  • Take action – Apply the strategies you discovered. Taking action after a call is often what gets you the results you want.
  • Make coaching your top priority – Don’t cancel or reschedule sessions. For best results, make it your top priority!
  • Phone, Skype and Chat coaching are super powerful and incredibly effective.
  • We can connect no matter where you are!
  • 80% of my coaching is done by phone, skype or a chat app and my clients love it!
  • No travel time! No hassle!
  • You pick up your  cell phone and get a session exactly when you need me.
  • If the connection is good, we often add video to our call.
  • Live video sessions really feel like being in the same room.
  • Yes of course, you can use a coach to optimize your life and reach life mastery.
  • Coaching is a lot about performance and success.
  • Problem solving is only a fraction of what we can do.
  • Gaining more power in various forms to achieve anything you want is actually the core target.
  • Yes! Let’s have a coaching conversation of course.
  • We identify what holds you back.
  • We design fresh strategies to break through any roadblocks.
  • We build up power and motivation to take action.
  • Coaching and therapy are two different professional approaches that often overlap.
  • Coaching has its roots in sport and business. The core quality you get from it is power.
  • Therapy has its roots in the medical field. The core quality you get from it is healing.
  • Coaching usual targets are performance, optimization, success and life mastery.
  • If needed I can easily soften my coaching and lean towards a more nurturing therapeutic style.
  • I always check with you and am responsive to your unique needs.
  • Try with a small step.
  • You can as well contact me. I’ll be happy to check this with you.
  • When I ask my clients for feedback, I always get a 80-100% satisfaction rate.
  • I used to offer a money back guarantee for my coaching and never had a single refund request.
  • I am here to simplify your life, not ad burden or worries.
  • Coaching is a safe space.

Spot coaching? 

  • Powerful 5 min coaching chats
  • Often happen between regular sessions in the form of a quick call or a text message question
  • Spot sessions often start with: “Hey coach! I have a quick question for you…”

Laser sessions? 

  • High energy 10-15 min power kicks
  • We focus on target for fast results
  • Very directive
  • High energy
  • Challenging questions
  • Quick answers

Back around 2000 I was having these conversations with a friend of mine who was going through a break up.

As weeks passed by, I was getting frustrated because I could see that her heartbreak was not healing much.

It was like a broken record.

As a friend, there was not much I could do except listen and feel drained by seeing her go in circles.

It’s around that time that things started shifting.

As a coach I could feel how much power and new techniques I was getting.

In the beginning, I would arrive in sessions with no clear answers yet but as I was progressing with my clients, coaching tactics and strategies to solve life situations were clearly emerging.

I remember feeling like I was in a trance, getting intuitive insights about best ways to handle any challenges.

It’s not just instinct!

It is knowledge as well.

I started developing high expertise in areas like break ups, jealousy,  mind power or nutrition tactics.

12 years later and hundreds of clients successfully helped, seeing solutions to tackle any challenge has become a natural way of being for me.

It is an art!

It is like music!

It is a skill that you train.

The only reason I am good at it is because I did it a lot!

I spent hours designing solutions and life tactics with my clients.

By now, I can instantly see coaching tactics to most of the challenges you might show up with.


Because situations and challenges repeat themselves.

Very often I will have a client coming to me and saying: “My situation is quite unique because…”

Well, I actually I don’t want to rob you from that belief but the chances are high that I have been exposed to that same situation multiple times before with other clients.

In other terms, the chances are high that I am very familiar already with your case and probably have a set of tactics ready to tackle your exact challenge.


That’s simply experience.

Another aspect of my coaching that is essential is that I really care!

As a human being, I feel you, I resonate with you and I am passionate about designing solutions together.

I know as well that time is precious.

Yes, it is sometimes so empowering to feel the challenge from within, experience all sensations associated with it before releasing it.

And I want you to move forward towards success as fast as you can.

I listen to your energy level and slow down if you need more time and nurturing energy.

But the moment you are ready to go for success, I partner with you to make sure you don’t get side tracked or lost in the process.


That’s very supportive.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to trust this.

Life is not playing a trick on you by exposing you to my coaching or teachings.

This is a real, powerful, solid life mastery path.

My aim is to give you all the tools you want to win any challenge!

On top of that, my sessions are always fun, focused and high energy.



Talk soon!



  • Tantra sessions happen within a clear set of boundaries and in respect of my clear code of ethics
  • They are based on the same professional principles I use in my coaching sessions.
  • Tantra sessions tend to be energy activation oriented rather than conversation based.
  • Coaching sessions are usually conversation based.
  • Tantra sessions are more body, energy and practice based.
  • They are usually in person but we can as well explore them with skype, phone or chat.
  • We often focus on dynamic energy practices.
  • They might involve body work if needed.
  • They often evolve around healing, nurturing and spiritual
  • We check at session start to give you what best matches your needs.
  • I create a safe and nurturing space for these sessions.
  • I am extremely attentive to your needs and stay totally present with you throughout the session.
  • The goal of these sessions is often to free and activate your energy.
  • I use a vast variety of tools ranging from bodywork, energetic activation without physical contact through breathing, sound and movement techniques to conversation based exchange.
  • We identify targets when we start a session and stay focused on these targets throughout the session.
  • We set up clear boundaries at the beginning of the session to create a safe and relaxed space for both of us.
  • Sessions are based on your agenda, not mine.
  • Come to coaching and tantra sessions as a couple
  • Sessions can be in person but as well 3 ways via skype or phone
  • You can choose tantra or coaching sessions
  • Tantra sessions are practice and energy based
  • I can show you specific tantra techniques to activate your energy and sex life
  • Coaching sessions will be more conversation based
  • I can teach you simple communication tactics to connect with each other harmoniously
  • Couple sessions are ideal to get reflection, guidance, new ideas, feedback, fresh energy, direction or new techniques

Coming soon

  • A new way of coaching has been emerging for me in the last few years as I travel.
  • I call that free flow!
  • No commercial agreement.
  • I give, help, coach, empower, mentor, motivate anyone I meet who has a need or offers a space to receive.
  • It works really well and is based on the unlimited streams of generosity.
  • I often get back what I offer in various ways.
  • It seems that a lot of my coaching interactions these days and prob 80% of my activity as a coach are in free flow and free broadcasting.
  • I love it!
  • This doesn’t concern my online coaching activity.
  • This means that I am not in free flow when I am online, make appointments or with clients.
  • I have a solid coaching structure with a clear agreement on that level.
  • Free flow happens when people host me, travel with me, engage in any way, are generous with me, are in trouble when I meet them.
  • It is a spontaneous flow of encounters as I travel.
  • I don’t help because I have to! I offer it because I want to.
  • I give and contribute in whatever way I can simply because I feel inspired to.
  • It is not something I do on demand.
  • I don’t schedule sessions with free flow, it happens when it happens if it happens.
  • Yes! Host me! Invite me!
  • I frequently visit my clients around the world.
  • Host me and get unlimited coaching from me for the period I visit you.
  • This often means a 1 hour session every 2 to 3 days.
  • By living together we often enter in free flow mode and if you need it, you receive a lot of informal coaching and ideas from me throughout the day.
  • You have me on site ready to dive with you on your favorite targets.
  • I am usually professionally active part of the day on my coaching projects.
  • I take care of my personal needs, buy my own food and we often end up creating delicious dishes together.
  • No need to take care of me. I am experienced traveler and quickly find my way in a new city.
  • Give me a key to your place and we are all set
  • I am problem free, respect your privacy and space.
  • I might even take care of your kids while you go grocery shopping or entertain your teenage son with new fun life skill building ideas.
  • I am used to communal living and clean after me, do the dishes straight away, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, do my laundry, help with house hold and spend an hour cleaning the space before I leave.
  • When I visit you, I simplify your life, ad ease and flow, not burden.
  • Comfort? I have been offered anything from a big house just for me, master bedroom, to a balcony, a nice space in the garden or a carpet in the living room.
  • It’s all good on my end!
  • I have nomadic juice in me and easily flow into the spaces I am offered with very little visible impact.
  • I often simply spread my yoga mat to sleep and roll it up in the morning.
  • I travel with a small backpack and you hardly notice my presence in your space.
  • Totally clean life style. No drugs, no smoke, no alcohol, no loud music.
  • I am fun and energizing to be around
  • Living together is a magical experience where we unleash aspects of your life that are waiting to come out!
  • It is always empowering for the people who host me!
  • Most of those who give it a try for a few days want me to stay longer because of the benefits and positive impact I bring into their lives.
  • Depending on our availability, we engage in activities together while I visit you, take off too the beach, train together, visit some places or attend social events.
  • You get a whole flow of activation coming right in your house, fresh smoothies and juices, morning activation, high energy coaching sessions and more!
  • You tell me what you want! We make sure to make it happen. It is all about your agenda, not mine. I am professional, respectful and easily work within the boundaries you offer me!
  • This offer could be for you or a friend or even your community if you live with a few people!
  • I can coach your friends or family members. If you don’t need my coaching yourself, we can transfer some of your credits to them.
  • I can as well set up targeted evenings or workshops for small groups like your friends, family or colleagues.
  • The format is very casual! I am friendly and easy going.
  • I am passionate in positively contributing to your life in whatever way I can.
  • Travel expenses? If I am already in your city or already planned to come your way, no travel expenses for you.
  • If I am in another city and you want me to come, then you can contribute to my travel expenses by paying for flight or gas.
  • I check with you depending on your financial situation, how long you host me, if you refer me to a few potential clients, etc.
  • I am very generous so don’t hesitate to contact me to check this out and find a win-win solution together.
  • If you want to invite me, we will always find a way to make it happen.
  • Money is never the limiting factor.
Let’s connect soon! I would be excited to meet you! Contact me!

Travel with me

  • As usual, I invite you to join me on some of my upcoming adventures!
  • We meet for a period of 1 to 2 weeks ideally
  • You get unlimited coaching from me while we travel together.
  • We might go on treks in high mountains or simply relax on a tropical beach depending on the location and our preference.
  • We might go for a trek up a wild river or experience an exotic city’s night life.
  • All these are unlimited possibilities!
  • Here are the core ideas, skills or practices we can focus on while engaging in these adventures: Being super comfortable and at ease wherever you are – Practicing energy techniques – Designing new life or business projects – Wilderness survival – Developing a nomadic life style – Shifting core aspects of your mental patterns – Boosting your level of confidence and personal power – Finding profound and mystical ways of connecting with nature – Healing and getting your life back after a break up or divorce – Finding your destiny and your profound life purpose – And so much more!
  • I don’t have a fixed agenda for you!
  • It’s not like I have a daily schedule fully planned!
  • On the contrary! I love the spontaneity and the adventure while travelling!
  • I always stay safe and don’t do anything that would put my life in danger!
  • But I stretch my comfort zone a lot by challenging myself in many ways, for instance by experimenting with food, gear or locations!
  • These world adventures are an experiment and the opportunity to find new ways of mastering life.
  • That’s the type of adventure I encourage you to join me in.
  • In some cases, we might be a small group if a few people are interested by a given location or adventure.
  • These trips are experiences we cocreate according to our needs and very specific desires!!!
  • How does that work financially? The price for this experience will vary a lot depending on our location and what you need from me.This price tag will be between $0-$200/day
  • For instance, if you pay for one of my flights and expenses while abroad the price for my coaching will probably be around $50/day.
  • If you are totally fit, don’t need my coaching but want to partner with me on an Himalayan expedition, I will probably not even charge you.
  • We will explore win-win possibilities according to your needs and budget!
  • I really consider case by case. I don’t have a fixed price.
  • if you have a certain budget, simply make me an offer.
  • If you have no idea, I’ll happily suggest a win-win agreement we can both embrace.
  • Yes! I do coach while I travel!
  • In case you wonder, know that I do coach while I travel. This means that I keep in touch and actively coach my clients by phone, skype or email while I engage in these adventures. In my 2011 adventures I have only been unreachable for 5 weeks altogether while visiting remote places in the Himalayas. In most cases, I still have internet access and we can have sessions as usual.
  • Travelling together is one of the most transformative experiences you can have!
  • I am a super experienced traveler and often spend weeks or even months in exploratory trips in which I train specific aspects of my mind and body.
  • I often do that outdoor with a small tent and just the food I need.
  • I often take individuals or small groups on these journeys with me.
  • For ideas on what these trips look like, check my videos and photo albums on youtube and facebook
  • If you feel a calling to travel with me and want to know future trips possibilities or want to suggest one, get in touch.

Coaching videos