My coaching is based on these key values

  • Confidentiality – Everything you tell me stays between us.
  • Safe space – Coaching is a safe space. I respect you. You can openly share with me. I am not here to judge you.
  • Focus – When we are in a session, I give you my full undivided attention.
  • Your agenda – What happens in a session is your agenda, your needs, your plan, your vision. You tell me where you want to go. I help you get there.
  • Clarity – My communication style is easy and direct.
  • Sympathy – I coach because I care. I invest myself in getting you where you want to be.
  • Energy – I bring energy, lightness and fun to our sessions. We open a refreshing space together.
  • Expertise – I make sure that my skills and expertise stay up to date.
  • Feedback – I welcome your feedback and if needed am happy to make changes to any aspect of my coaching.
  • Flexibility – I listen to your unique needs and orient my coaching accordingly.