Create space – ARTICLE

This is the real challenge.

If you want the future to start happening, you need to create space around you.

This means throwing away things, clearing clutter and simply refreshing your personal environment.

This opening is a pulling force which moves you into your future.

The moment you have extra space and free energy, things naturally start happening.

What does it take?


Your past can easily become your comfort zone.

You can hide your life in your memories.

Is this what you want?

I don’t think so! I see another story.

I see someone who wants to break through and open up new life streams in his existence.

I see power waking up.

I see infinite potential.

All you need to do right now is plug your resources of power and start acting on them.

The first step?

Create space and refresh your environment.

You heard about Feng Shui, right? The art of energizing your personal space.

Your personal space is not a museum.

Your mind is fresh and tuned into the future.

Clear and create space.

Take the steps.

Your present environment is your comfort zone.

In a way you feel good in it.

It is your protection, right?

It reflects what you call your identity.

If you want to go beyond this crisis as a winner, you need to do one simple thing: step beyond the limits of what you already know.

Every object in your life reflects a message.

What is that message?

What does this old flower pot tell you?

Can you see that?

If you want to move into your future, refresh your personal environment.

Take steps!

Where can you start?