dating profile – brief description

I’m free spirit, tantric lover, athletic and

And… fun to be with, caring, sexy, smart and
have a successful life…

I m visiting New Zealand until April. Will be
back in Europe in April 2002 for a few

Love is that playful merging of two spirits…

Originally swiss/spanish, I spent these last
few years living in various countries… I’m
familiar with so many places, I’m more like a
world citizen now…

On the professional side, I work with
individuals and groups on the life-coaching
field… outdoor training seminars, etc. I’m
actively engaged into helping people
reach their goals and desires.

I’m a life lover, passionate about existence,
who stimulates pleasure, delight and
excitement in daily life…

I look at you evolving through life and naturally
empower the beauty of your secret intimacy…

Romance between you and me is the
revelation of delight, the passionate play of

I love your freedom as much as mine…

Show me your smile… Would love to flirt with

ajaya1111 at y…a…h…o…o dot com