Dating skills

How do you gain dating skills?

First step: Knowledge

Read, surf the net, talk about it with friends, discover the secrets of the opposite sex, etc. Today’s information technology is a gold mine of resources. You can reinvent the wheel yourself or simply benefit from other people’s experiences.

Second step: Experience

Get out there and try it out. Just go out and do it. Experiment! Try! This means taking risks as well (nothing like putting your life, health or future in danger, no…). Go beyond your comfort zone and do things you did not do before! Try new things like giving a compliment to someone you hardly know, or choosing for a sexier dress, etc.

Third step: Perfect your skills

Accept rejection as part of the learning curve. A negative experience becomes a mistake only if you repeat it over and over again without learning from it. This is the place where many people fail. They think it has to work out the first time. Accept the fact that you are evolving and you are not yet perfect. Fine! Great! Life is an experiment, so go for it. Strengthen your inner freedom!