Deal with a conflicting situation

Dealing with a conflict means realizing that a battle is going on. To win a battle or to solve the conflict, you need power and breakthroughs.

You have the power and potential to solve a conflicting situation and you need to take action to achieve that.

Design a strategy

Take a white page and write down your options. All of them, even the ones which aren’t realistic. What options feel the easiest. Which ones will be successful?

Select 2 or 3 of them and design a strategy, a plan to handle the conflict.

Focus on win-win

Focus on win-win when possible.

Gather power

Do you need extra info, resources, support or skills before you take action? Is there anything you still need to strengthen your confidence? Go and get it.

Take action

After that: take action!

Follow up and repeat your message if needed. Following up is often the key to a definite breakthrough.