Directive challenging and teasing communication – Really connecting with girls

Directive challenging and teasing communication – Really connecting with girls

With the challenging teasing funny attitude, there have been many good results.

In fact, it really feels that this has been the most successful communication style so far in terms of reaching girls.

The challenging answers stimulate an engaged and teasing dialogue.

In comparison, the open, romantic, soft attitude did generate nothing.

It’s very symbolical and clear!

Now, we are online!

This is a very specific environment. My guess is that in the dating scene, the same kind of rules apply. If you are simply kind, you’ll get close to no response and be ignored.

Being kind is apparently perceived as being weak.

At this stage, there have been some very good breakthroughs but the techniques are not yet fully mastered.

What I need now is a clearer and stronger stream of energy which guides me in this communication style.

To take that step, you need to understand the goal and the target of such action.

This is really about breaking the ice.

The ice is cristallized. It is this shield that people put up naturally.

Now, when you want to reach someone, you’ll need to break through that shield.

If you simply act kind, you will simply bounce on the surface because the force you use does not have enough impact.

The shield which is up is a form of power.

It is a wall of energy.

Unless you manage to efficicently break that wall, you’ll get zero or very very little response.

On the other hand if you use a strong impacting force, you’ll get to the core of this person and effectively reach her.

Now, the reason why most men do not use this communication style with women is because they don’t master that force and are afraid as well of playing that game.

It’s like going on stage and doing something you do not usually do.

Again, the reason why you want to use that force is because you want to reach a woman or a girl.

The reason why you want to reach her is because it will be much more fun the moment you.

For of both you, connecting is the thing to do.

Why is that because unless you have that connection or bridge, you can’t establish this tantric energy exchange and it’s a missed opportunity for the two of you.

The question is what do you do once you reach her?

Well, online for instance, see it as a training ground first.

The online medium is a way of training that skill.

What you can do online will of course eveolve further as well.

Once you master that skill and communication still, you can apply it and attract women much more easily.

You become a natural in the art of seduction and attraction.

Why? Because you understand fully how a woman functions and what she needs exactly at that moment.

The walls and the ice she tends to build up around her are like a prison.

These walls are useful most of the times, but when it comes to connecting with guys, she’ll often overprotect reject opportunities because this is what she trained herself to do out there.

When you use a directive force and break this ice, you change the rules of the game and set up a new course.

The course you set up is much more interesting for her because it will give her the space to feel and express emotions.

These emotions are the nectar she’s looking for.

She wants to feel something. She wants to feel passion and feel alive,

She wants to feel thrilled and excited and as guy who breaks her ice, you are the one who allows this flow of new emotions.

This is why your presence and attitude becomes almost addictive for her.

She loves it because if frees her from a rigid crystallized set of emotions.

This is why, even though your communication style can appear like aggressive sometimes or challenging, it is actually what she needs the most.

This challenge is what allows her to grow further and in fact experience new sensations.

This is why the impact you have is very different from what it feels at first.

You are a freeing force and this is why taking this challenging attitude is the best you can do.