Do you have what it takes to have a successful marriage?

Do you have what it takes to have a successful marriage?

Any strategies or tips to keep him more and more interested and lead him to ask for a commitment. any fun dating ideas



I will be very direct with you, okay? Instead of giving you some light advice, I want to give you something substantial that you can truly use.

Men and women nowadays tend to be scared of marriage. Why? because of the long term perspective of possible separation.

In my social circle. 80% of my best friends (under 40) are already divorced and I am not sure if they’ll ever will marry again. The spectrum of separation is growing bigger every day in people’s subconscious minds. for both men and women.

Anyway. The way you can treat it is seeing marriage as the diploma your receive at the end rather than the initial binding force. 50 years ago, you needed the marriage for security, for your children and simply to give you this feeling of inner stability.

Now, things have changed. Stability and security are not enough. You usually can do very well as an individual. The family “cell” is no longer needed to survive which gives you the opportunity to try it on your own if the relationship fails.

Individual expectations are simply very high. If your partner stops fulfilling your needs, it is now okay to go and look somewhere else.

I am not telling you this to scare you. I am not saying either it can’t work. I am telling you this so that you understand the real challenge. The love side of a relationship is one aspect. That’s the initial romantic dimension. The other side can be a heavy battle which can sometimes end in court and impact on your well being for the rest of your life.

What you need for a relationship is realism as well as love. The key word is relationship skills. These are not given to you via education and there is hardly any place where you can learn more about it. In fact those who succeed have great qualities of communication and simply know how to create joy and happiness out of a simple seed of love.

For the marriage to be an exciting place, passion has to stay alive. You need to find within the relationship the space to keep evolving and move forward as a couple and as an individual. The moment your life gets “frozen” within the relationship and stops evolving, your spirit literally dies. You start feeling tired, drained and simply miss the excitement.

The key is to make sure that you and the relationship keep evolving and changing. You need to be open for new things, opportunities, new inspiration, etc.

The relationship must give you peace and security but challenge as well.

Another key is that you need to be both “warriors”. You need to be able to protect and preserve the relationship space. You need to wake up an intense desire to make it work no matter what. What you need here is extra power. The reason why so many marriages are dissolved is simply because couples don’t have the power to protect it. You simply tend to focus on your own life as soon there are some tensions rising. You simply miss the tools to make it truly work on the long term.

Imagine what happens now if you have this extra protective warrior power in you. Both partners need to have it. It’s a sacred partnership where you both fully engage your desire and will power to protect the relationship space and make sure that you and your partner get your needs met.

Love is the essential base for your relationship but love is not enough. You need extra power to truly make it work. What do you do when you have a dominant mother in law stepping in your space? What do you do if you feel the sexual passion dying out? What do you do if your partner is a flirt? etc.

There are hundreds of relationship situations which are challenging. When you face situations like these, you can either hope things will naturally change and hope that harmony will prevail. This works sometimes. The power of love simply does its work and things get solved naturally. Very often unfortunately, passivity and extra love is not enough.

Two people are in command of the marriage. You need to be in charge, in power, in control without limiting your partner’s space and evolution.

If he limits you in any way, you develop a progressive sense of frustration which on the long term leads to a crisis situation.

Your personal spirit or individuality is a powerful force. Your task as a human being is to fully grow, develop and express your profound potentials. For you, a limiting environment is not acceptable. The marriage needs to be the space where you feel the total support to express your dreams and most intimate desires. You partner is your partner for success!

This type of mutual understanding is the basis for long term harmony.

All that is a fine balance of energies.

A marriage is a complex set of forces. You have instinctual powers and resources which do most of the work. The idea is not to have all the answers before you start. You simply can’t. You can establish though some key values, behaviors and ideas in the core of your relationship to make it work.

The most essential part is to have extra power. Love is there already. The contract of marriage isn’t anymore a force strong enough to keep two partners together.

Why am I saying all that? You simply asked for a couple of tips and free advice, right? The truth is that my task is to read your dreams and help you get there. Your real desire is not to get a few tips. Your real desire is long term success and satisfaction.

I am aware that what I say is challenging. It is okay. My goal is not to turn you off. On the contrary. It is to help you connect with a deeper set of inner resources which I know can protect and preserve your long term happiness.

As one of the two pillars of the relationship, you have the right to use powers. These powers are natural survival and fighting instincts which simply protect the relationship space.

The risk with a relationship is to get too comfortable and “not see it coming”. You can for instance neglect your body, or fail to create renewal in the marriage.

The moment a guy recognizes in you this “warrior” spirit who is ready to do what it takes, then it is much easier for him to go for it. He feels the strength and the power which gives him the assurance that there is enough determination there to make it work.

I don’t want to kill your dream. I want you to wake up now to another reality, to the other side of the story. You are in charge and the moment you step into your marriage with this kind of power and determination, I would 100% trust you with it. I would believe that at least you have all the tools ready with you.

On the other hand, if I see you getting married with a dreamlike idea in your mind. I tell you straight away. Your vision does not match reality and it’s going to be tough on you.

So, wake up now! Not in ten years when you realize it’s not going the way you want. If you set up yourself on a journey, you simply need the right tools. To go to sea, you need a compass, water, a clear direction, strategies to handle the sun and the power to tame the elemental forces of nature.

If you would see a child going to sea on a small boat without resource, you would warn that child. Right? You would tell it: “here is a couple of things you will need to make it work…”.

The key I am giving you is power. It does not happen overnight. It is obvious when you are ready and aware. That’s what a guy recognizes. The moment he proposes you is the moment he recognizes all the tools are there. You know how to create a relationship. You know how to make it alive.

You might not have all the skills totally developed yet. That’s okay. Lack of experience. What matters at this stage is awareness and the willingness and determination to keep growing and do what it takes. The moment a man recognizes this in a woman, it makes it easy for him to propose. He sees this growing power which tells him that this force will protect and preserve the family space. He wants to succeed as much as you do.

The chemistry between two people means they can create harmony and beauty on the dance floor.

Love and power are the two pillars of your marriage. If you expect the written marriage contract to seal the relationship, you are wrong. The “contract” gives you no guarantee. What gives you the guarantee is the instinctual power resources you have inside yourself. This is where the magic is. Once this is awake, you are in for an incredibly thrilling ride.

That’s what I wish for the two of you!

Does all this make sense to you?

What do you feel?

What is your opinion?