Don’t know which direction to go? – ARTICLE


Simply not knowing where to go or what lies ahead?

This is a purpose gap, right?

You can feel bored. You can feel like something needs to happen but don’t know where to start.

The first step is to sit back and relax.

No need to run right now.

Simply take a moment to calm down and accept the situation.

There is no road ahead but you are still somewhere: Here and now!

Next step?

Connect with your destiny.

Your destiny is not a rigid set of future events.

It is an architecture of lines and life potentials.

It is a map of your opportunities and possible directions.

It is a complex and intelligent reality.

It is a changing organism which evolves daily.

This is your destiny line.

It is a free plan.

When you don’t see what comes next, what is missing is a stronger connection with that aspect of your being.

Your destiny line exists.

The fact that you don’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

The question is: How do you access it?

Imagine having a secret drawer in your mind.

Your destiny line is an inner plan.

It is an inner vision.

It is a path of evolution.

Vision is power.

If you are tired of waiting, use your will power and determination.

Sometimes events in your life unfold.

It is as if life was opening doors for you.

If this is not happening right now, what you need is extra will power and determination.

Light up fires in your destiny and start taking small steps.

You are in a territory.

That’s your present comfort zone.

The moment you look around and can’t see an open door, it’s time to design the doors yourself.

If you are in a dense tropical forest and there is no path, you have to open the way yourself.

Your destiny needs and extra kick. You are the one who can give yourself this extra kick.


By taking small steps in many directions.

Before you decide for your destination, you need to test the waters.

If you don’t know whether to travel North or South, the best is to make a short move South, then make a short move North, step back and see how it feels.

Opening your destiny line is like clearing a path in this tropical forest.

Society tends to take care of you for a long time.

Parents, education, social system can care for you during many years.

This creates a transfer of will power.

You simply go through doors which are opened for you.

You get used of simply being carried forward by other person’s or system’s will power.

If these driving forces are now gone, you need now to make your own choices.

It is more than that!

It is about “digging” your own destiny on this planet.

You own your will power.

You act and create out of your own desire.

Imagine a river flowing towards the sea.

When the stream reaches the plain, water can get stacked in a river bend.

It can even get blocked by a small hill and stop flowing.

It will create a pond or a small lake.

The water level will start rising until it opens a new channel towards the sea.

Your destiny works in the same way.

If you feel your life is not flowing anywhere, use your will power and destroy resistance.

No soft approach here.

If you want to flow further, use your conquering power and break through resistance.

Wake up your conquering power.

Create new openings!

Design new pathways through the forest.

There is a power in you: it is called creative power.

If life simply stops, it is time to design your own destiny line.

How? Use your instinct and respond to your first desire.

Follow up! Act on it and move on to the next impulsion.

Evolution is an instinctual move. The basic fuel is need and desire.

Dare and take risks.

Your comfort zone is your real limitation. That’s what you want to break through.

Your conquering drive is a desire to reach new territories. Your creative power is this original impulsion which gives birth to new projects.

Sometimes, you are in the “planning mood”. Take time to envision your future and design a strategy or plan of action.

Existence is a territory you can conquer.

Wake up your conquering power and create your destiny. You are the designer of your existence.

After that? Take action!

Action is what makes a difference.

If you simply keep on thinking about it, it won’t happen.

You need to take steps.

Challenge yourself.

This is always a step beyond your comfort zone; no matter what action you take.

Destiny is first a plan or vision before it becomes a reality.

What makes it real is the fact that it is manifested by you.

You bring it into existence by taking action.

Work on it!

Design a plan you feel excited about.

Write down the ideas which come to your mind.

This becomes your strategy for the future.

As soon as you can, start acting on it and taking real steps.