Don’t take responsibility for someone else’s actions – ARTICLE

This is simple and direct!

The truth is that you tend to naturally worry a lot about other people’s needs, problems or demands.

Stop right now!

No need to!

This is over!

You can’t worry about what you don’t control.

There is one simple quality to increase in your mind. It is called trust!

Right now, this is what you can do!


You are not responsible for someone else’s actions.

There is no “but”, no “if”.

This is a clear and direct statement.

Stop worrying about your boss’s actions and beliefs! It is out of your hands.

In most cases you have 0% influence over what happens there.

Stop worrying about your partner’s actions, it’s their responsibility, not yours!

The total alternative to worrying is called trusting.

Sit back and focus on what you can influence and control instead.

Most of the times, you have little or no control over someone else’s actions, so stop worrying about it.

You are not responsible for someone else’s life. You are not responsible for what you can’t control.

Your sphere of influence is very well defined: it is what belongs to you!

That’s it!

Investing worries, time and energy in the rest is a waste of time.

Pressure wakes up the second you accept a responsibility for something which is not yours.

Wake up and let go!

You have no excuse if you cross the line.

Disinvest emotionally from what is not yours!

You can do that right now.

Whoever told you the opposite was wrong.

It is a misunderstanding and a mistake to believe that you can in any way be responsible for someone else’s actions.

You are not!

You are only responsible for one thing: Your own actions!

That’s it!