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I am blown away! Really! People keep on using suppression tactics all the time when it comes to weight loss - They will try to suppress their hunger signals and do things like skipping meals or heavily trying to cut calories intake - This usually leads to failure and extreme frustration!

If this is you, you know what I mean, right? - You have been trying all these suppression diets and end up at the starting point over and over again trying to understand what went wrong!

In this powerful targeted book, I give you the core suppression dynamics, why they don't work with weight loss and what do do instead, EXACTLY! - If you are stacked with diets that don't work, I feel for you - I know your frustration! - I want you to succeed and at last, put in place a battle plan which is fun, exciting and easy to sustain log term - No more marathon dieting! - You now need to be way smarter!

Here are some of the core questions I will answer for you: Why is it that suppression tactics don't work on the long term? - What are the real alternatives? - 3 core winning nutrition tactics you will start applying in your life right now - Why your nutrition shifts will be fun and exciting from now on - 3 core tactics that lead to solid weight loss results with 80% less effort - Why you usually fail when trying to rush with dietary shifts - Why people keep trying to suppress their hunger even though they know it doesn't work - And so much more!

This book is a wake up call for those who feel that they can't really control their body or what they eat - The first step is to understand the dynamics, understand emotional associations, substitution strategies, simple ways to retrain your taste buds, etc. - The second step is to get a battle plan that leads you to victory - The third step is to easily apply these things.

The tactics I share with you are SIMPLE! - This is not rocket science! - It will take you 30 min to read it, get it and start applying these tactics straight away - I am NOT selling you one more dietary pill or a complex set of recipes.

These nutrition tactics are the result of years of extensive research on myself and my clients - I am a pro life coach - 10 years of solid experience in that field - The people who come to me are often extremely frustrated with their looks and waste line! - They want to get rid of some pounds but have no idea were to start - Or they tried many diets, failed and no longer trust what's available out there.

This book is here to break that cycle! - It is here to empower you to success and make you realize that getting fit is EASILY within your range if you have the right battle plan!

What's different between what I offer you here and what you already tried? It is the fact that I am making no money with you - There is no magical pill to buy, no weight loss clinic to attend, no frustrating and complicate dietary program to put in place, no supplement to purchase.

I believe that all you need is the right battle plan and it will cost you nothing! + It will be fun and easy! - These winning tactics are direct and easy to apply in your life STRAIGHT AWAY - They are the mind sets and values you want to start embodying right now to win this challenge! - They are YOURS! - You will start reading in just a minute - To your power and unlimited health!