Emotional abuse – ARTICLE

This might come as a surprise to you but emotional abuse on men from their spouses is quite common.

It is still taboo in society because a man is supposed to have power and skills to defend himself.

There are very few support structures for these situations.

Males who are abused tend to be ashamed of their situation and never search for external help.

What is happening with emotional abuse?

It is again a battle for power and energy.

Emotional abuse is an attack on your mind and territory.

It can come from your partner in your relationship.

Emotional abuse is simply misbalanced fight.

It is a conflict where always the same looses.

If you are under attack, the best strategy is to defend yourself.

The first thing you need to defend is your mind space and personal space.

Abuse is an invasion of your privacy and goes against a basic human right.

To defend yourself, you want extra power.

It is again the same underlying dynamic.

You are under attack and you want to defend yourself.

What matters is your intention.

Once your intention is set, realize that there is an enemy.

Emotional abuse is not different from physical abuse.

It is a form of domestic violence which destroys your life.

The challenge when dealing with it is to separate love and power.

These two forces play together and you cross your natural limits in the name of love.

The first person you need to love is yourself!

By letting anyone abuse you, you kill your self esteem.

You destroy your dignity.

Do not let any one abuse you.

Your life was given to you as a gift.

You are given a basic survival instinct.

It is a protective power which gives you the right to preserve your life.

Go to battle and do whatever it takes to defend yourself.

It is your life!

It is your being!

It your right!

Defend yourself!