Expecting too much too soon – ARTICLE

This is the number one dating mistake. Expecting too much or giving too much. What is this? You invest too much and don’t get enough in return.

The spirit of the relationship works through both of you. There are three wills involved: you, him and the spirit which brings you together.

When you expect too much you actually limit the space. You don’t allow enough freedom, spontaneity and natural blossoming of your relationship.

When you expect too much, you become very directive.

It is okay to use your will power and determination. However, sometimes it is better to give him space to express his wishes and desires and let the relationship blossom in its own time.

You need to be wise with that. Don’t go into a crisis because he did not call you in three days or because he did not take action exactly the way you expected.

Trust and give space! You’ll feel much better and relaxed.