First date – I have no clue! – Haven't had a date in 5 years – ARTICLE

Here is a simple advice:

Focus on fun, excitement and quality time.

If what you shared worked by phone, do the same in person.

Here is more advice: keep the date light and short. 2 to 3 hours.

Finish on a high note so that you want to meet again soon.

Don’t go all the way to intimacy on the first date.

Stretch it instead over a few weeks.

If you unveil everything at once, you’ll kill the magic.

  • If he asks to drive you home should I accept?

This is up to you, but it should be alright.

Don’t let him in your house this time though.

It will tease his curiosity and make him come back for more.

  • A last kiss?

Yes! If you give him nothing, he’ll think you are playing with him.

  • If he wants to hang out as his house after, should you accept?

I would say “No”. You might stretch the date too long and miss on giving it rhythm.

Keep it for the following date.

  • After date?

Contact him only once or twice max in the week. If you call every day, you’ll asphyxiate what is building up. Trust and let it grow in its own way.

You won’t loose what you have by giving it space. You’ll simply allow it to grow in its own way.

  • When to meet again?

One week later is a good timing.

If you meet too soon, you won’t have enough space to refresh what you already shared.