Free your energy – ARTICLE

When you are still emotionally invested into your past, you drain your energy.

A crisis is a time to let go!

Let go of the past so that you can move into the future.

To clear your mind, you need to use your destructive power.

Destruction is a strong word.

Don’t be scared of it.

Destruction is a natural part of your life cycle.

You can as well use a “softer” term: renewal.

Destructive or renewing power is your ability to create space.

This is the energy you need to clear your mind and move into your future.

When you move into your future you lift anchors.

You let go and disinvest yourself.

Your throw away old stuff and finish any unfinished business.

It is like getting ready to go to sea.

New adventures lie ahead of you.

You need your full power and energy to face the coming challenges.

Don’t keep your mind half way.

If you go through a divorce, clear the traces of your past relationship.

If someone dies, create fresh space in your life.

If you get fired, keep only what is yours and throw away what might slow you down in the future.

You need openness, freedom and flexibility.

Use your destructive power to refresh your mind.

Use this positive refreshing tool and go for the windows of your future.

Renewal power is a natural instinct in your being.

It is the ability to move on.

It is the ability to clear your personal space, refresh your mind and gain full emotional freedom.

No attachment! No roots!

You have a reserve of fresh energy ready to be invested into your future.

A crisis is a battle between two sets of energies:

The crystallizing forces which want to hold you back and the renewal power which gives you the energy to recreate your life right now.

Renewal power gives you victory.

It gives you the strength to start again from scratch.