Science and mysticism are coming together with one unified vision of the galaxy and the universe!

It is this idea that the space we live in, the space between the stars is not empty!
It is a matrix, a grid, a field if energy, a force field!
Bring able to conceive that is now almost become main stream in our culture.
It doesn’t fundamentally alter our daily life!
You have 2 elements that are potential revolutions  for our understanding of life!
The first one is that we can actually influence that field through our actions, thoughts and emotions!
That’s another way of saying that we can   consciously communicate with the universe!
Until now, this universe was some god like energy reality.
Today, things are evolving fast and this universe is now becoming a manifested reality that is closer to us that before!
So that’s the first revolution we go through right now: it is the idea that we can influence and even change the matrix.
The second idea is that our human race is not the only one interacting with and influencing this matrix!
In fact we are probably a tony fraction collaborating with thousands or even millions of human like races just in our galaxy activating, connecting with and influencing the galactic grid.
Think of this grid as an vast invisible internet we can tap into!
Through our human experiences, we are sending signals that get recorded in energy centers within that grid!
Imagine that this grid contains in itself the  sum of all human experience!
The idea of Akashic records becomes suddenly totally real!
Instead of being some abstract concept, we start seeing how it can actually be manifested on this universe in the form of records contained in this field!
Imagine that our internet is a training ground or a model for a grid which is much vaster and sustained in space!
Imagine that the behaviors and patterns we are learning through cyber activity are models for galactic behaviors!
Imagine that the totality of human existence is a training ground or a preparation for a next stage which way vaster and deep than anything we can imagine!
I believe that this is the exact transition we are part of right now!
The reality of humankind as a galactic race is starting to take shape in our consciousness!
Imagine again that once we step into conscious activity within the force filed we are interacting with thousands or millions of human like civilizations!
Feel what this really means for our future!