Give him hints

Suggestions and hints work really great!

Guys can feel ashamed when they are in a crowd and feel that the one they are with is perceived as the one in charge.

It might sound like old fashioned but it’s not.

It is simply embedded in the male subconscious.

When you give him the opportunity to take the lead without being too assertive or directive, this gives him the possibility to be male.

Which is good!

Because that’s exactly what you want him to experience if you want him to feel attracted to you.

A guy is magnetically attracted to your when you are feminine.

This creates an energy reaction in him which instantly generates these male feelings in him.

Now, believe me!

If you are too assertive or directive with a guy, this is a massive turn off.

He will see your power as a challenge and not perceive the sexual attraction.

So, how do you let him take the lead when you know already what you want?

You suggest things!

“Hey! Have you heard about the party next week as Peter’s place? All my friends will be there”

“I know that guys like action movies. Mission impossible is in the making and I am still waiting for the right guy to initiate me into the action thrill…”

“New café opened in town… Did you check it yet?”

See how it works?

All these are hints that give him the opportunity to ask you out.

Don’t make it too obvious that you are dying to go on a date with him, otherwise you’ll appear desperate.