Golden rules of dating

Make him feel like a man

A guy will be attracted to you because of the way you make him feel. If you feel feminine, he will feel like a male. If you don’t dare to express your sexiness, it will naturally crush his ability to express his masculinity.

Don’t wait for him to take action! If you like him, initiate contact!

This is good news! The macho era is over and women are liberated! So, take action and establish connections you love! It is your right!

Keep your options open

Never commit to a guy who does not commit to you in return. This would be the best way of getting hurt. Keep you options open as long as you did not decide together to be exclusive with each other.

Do what it takes to succeed!

Invest in your “dating body” and dating skills! If you feel you don’t get results, make it your top priority for 3 months. Every day, take a few steps to make yourself more attractive and get in touch with new potential dates.

Use the net!

Nowadays, dating without the internet is like living without a cell phone. As soon as you get online, you multiply your chances of meeting someone by 10! Combine live and internet strategies. They go hand in hand.

Focus first on flirting with him!

If you like a guy, don’t walk to him and ask him out. Focus first on flirting and building up complicity. The relationship or dating “thing” comes later. Once he warms up to the idea that you are fun to be with, he’ll be an easy pray!

If he already has a girl friend, move on!

Same if is married, is attached to an ex or has strong views on someone else and tells you so.

Never pursue a guy, act desperate or clingy!

If he thinks he has to feed your world for you to feel good about yourself, it will turn him off instantly. A guy is not here to rescue you from a life you don’t like; he is there to partner for an even more exciting adventure. You must be happy with or without him.

Respect a “No, thank you” sign

Guys and women have boundaries. Respect his limits if you want guys to respect yours.

0% Demands

This guy owes you nothing, so don’t walk in his life like you have the right to tell him what to do or what not to do. Simple, you don’t! If you respect his freedom, he’ll have no problem spending time with you. Now, bring in one inch of control and you’ll kill the magic instantly.