Good for the ego! – ARTICLE

I know… We are not supposed to say things like that when we talk about spiritual development.

Why is that? Because in spiritual circles, the ego is supposed to be what stands on the way.

Well, good news!

We are reinventing the way we approach spiritual developemnet and decided that ego or personal power is no longer a problem.

In fact, it helps you get there faster!

You know exactly how to use your power!

I trust you!

In fact, I want to give you more resources.

What matters is the way you use your power.

Your ego is your life vehicle. If you try to destroy it, you often end up with nothing: no power left.

Wake up and realize that embracing your inner sources of power is not only okay, it does strengthen your spiritual evolution. It gives you the instant resources to protect your mind and personal space.

Part of life has to do with battle and fighting. It has to do with tapping into your full set of emotional resources rather than trying to run away from them.

There are so many aspects of your being you want to embrace rather than running away from them.

The way to master your life is to know yourself in depth!

You want to explore your territory and rather than delegating your sources of inner force, you want to own them.

This is the new step forward! This is what gives you a life base able to take you where you can be!

I know for sure that you are infinitely wise.

I know that your being has all the resources in it to manifest total joy and life success.

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Believe in yourself! I do!