Have a greater sense of control over what happens in your life – ARTICLE

You can evolve spiritually and feel like you are in control of your life.

You don’t need to renounce anything or surrender your will to any authority.

Your path of evolution is a path of mastery and you are the one in charge.

Your controlling power is an instinct.

The tendency is often to try to control other people’s lives, events or happening which are out of reach.

As soon as you project control out, you loose actually ground and connection with what you truly own: yourself.

The right you are given from birth is the power to control what is yours: you mind, actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, personal space, belongings and time frame.

This is what you own.

Now, the moment you project power and control on someone else’s life, you literally abuse power.

The only thing you have the right to control is your life. No one else’s.

If you want to feel a sense of power and control over your life, it is very simple: respect other’s autonomy and they will respect yours.

You have a reserve of energy. If you project it out in all directions, you simply miss your target.

The goal is to use your controlling power wisely and not project it in directions which go against someone else’s right of self determination.

The moment you know how to use power wisely, you are given more of it automatically.

You need however to respect basic rules of human evolution.

These rules are maintained by vase networks and hierarchies of spiritual energies.

It is this network of intelligent energies which sustains society and civilizations.

The goal is to use your power wisely and work with the forces of evolution rather than against them.

Human evolution is like a river.

You can learn to go with the flow and own your personal life while working in perfect harmony and synergy with the forces around you.

This skill is the key for increasing your level of power, awareness and consciousness.

The moment you prove that you can use your power wisely in a constructive way, more of it is naturally given to you.