He rarely calls me and cancels dates? What's up with him? – ARTICLE

Many guys love their freedom.

Some guys simply can’t stand making plans, appointments or anything like that.

They want to keep things open.

Anything which is “fixed” limits them.

How do you deal with such man?

The best is to act on the spot.

Spontaneity, excitement and thrill.

That’s what he would respond to.

He wants fun, freedom and openness.

A fixed time and day kills the magic for him.

He wants to keep things open.

Here is what you can do:

Next time you are having drink with some friends, give him a quick call: “hi, we are having a drink at …, why don’t you come over, there is something I want to show you” or “there is someone I would like you to meet…”

The idea is to shift to open casual and invite him for things on the spot. My feeling is that he would go for it if he does not need to plan it or think about it.

Try it!

Something else:

Right now, you are as well already more invested emotionally than he is.

The idea is to slightly pull back and keep your options open.

Don’t act like you are committed to him.

Date other guys and don’t expect more than what he is actually giving you.

Keep your options open. Stay free.